Why sleep should be a top priority among our New Year’s goals

From improved immune function to supporting mental wellness, a good night’s sleep has a lot to offer

If the new year is also time to focus on a new you, before breaking out the gym gear, consider another approach to making healthier choices this year: a good night’s sleep.

Often one of the first things that slips by the wayside in busy times, upping your sleep game can also help your mental, physical and emotional health.

“We all take sleep for granted and it’s a shame because sleep can offer us so much more than just rest,” says William Wellauer, owner of ESC Mattress Center. “Getting enough sleep can also help us educe stress levels, boost our immune systems and maintain healthy weight.”

Studies have connected healthy sleep routines to virtually every aspect of our over-all wellbeing. Not that we need more reasons to settle in for a good night’s rest but here are five reasons to improve your sleep routine this New Year.

  1. Immunity: Getting enough sleep can mean the difference between cold symptoms sticking around for a few days or a few weeks. A full seven to nine hours a night can help keep you healthy and improve your ability to fight off illnesses.
  2. Mental health: Sleep deficiency has been linked to increased risk of depression and anxiety.
  3. Better cognitive function: Eyeing a promotion this year? Facing a big exam? Studies have shown sleep improves our ability to learn, problem-solve and retain knowledge.
  4. Improved physical health: Sleep lets our body heal and repair itself, helps keep hormones balanced and reduces the risk of heart disease, obesity and other issues!
  5. Improved emotional regulation: Lack of sleep contributes to moodiness. Want to be the best version of yourself this year? Get more sleep.

A good night’s sleep starts here

How can you improve your sleep? Optimal room temperature can help, not hot but not cold either, plus turning off electronic devices two hours before your desired sleep time and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. It’s also worth looking at where you’re sleeping: Is your mattress supporting you in your sleep goals or are you tossing and turning through out the night?

“Mattresses play a key role in whether or not we get a good night’s rest. If you find yourself struggling to get comfortable at night, it might be time to swap your mattress for one that will have you looking forward to bedtime,” Wellauer says.

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