A health hack so easy you can do it in your sleep

It wasn’t that long ago that we admired people who were able to function on five hours of sleep a night. But the culture of sleep has changed in North America. Medical professionals now understand the many functions of a good night’s sleep, from muscle recovery to memory storage and brain function. Neighbours, coworkers and friends now earn bragging rights when they’re able to get eight or nine hours of sleep a night!

“Sleeping less than seven hours in adulthood has been linked to dementia in older adults. Not to mention that many people who think they can function on reduced sleep aren’t functioning as well as they think,” says Joshua Rigsby from Everett’s ESC Mattress Center.

Tips to a better sleep

Creating careful routines can help improve your sleep: reduce smartphone and screen time before bed, dim lights, keep a consistent bedtime and wake-up schedule (even on weekends). Establishing these habits takes time and effort, but there’s an easier solution you might be ‘sleeping on.’

“Investing in a quality mattress that’s appropriate for your body and sleep style can make a dramatic difference in your quality of sleep. I joke that it’s one of the laziest ways to do something healthy for yourself,” says William Wellauer, co-owner of ESC Mattress Center.

Think about it: if you invest in quality running shoes and replace them every 400 miles, you’ll end up spending far more on shoes than you’ll spend on your mattress every ten years. Plus you have to do all that running!

Of course a good night’s sleep doesn’t replace your body’s need for good nutrition and regular exercise, but it’s definitely the most effortless health hack at your disposal.

Talk to the sleep experts

William and Joshua take sleep seriously, and continue to read, research and attend conventions to increase their knowledge. When you visit them at ESC Mattress Center in Everett, they’ll listen to your specific needs and offer recommendations based on their years of experience.

“Even something as simple as a mattress protector can have a significant impact on your sleep,” William says. “They keep dead skin cells, sweat and everything else that goes on in bed out of the mattress to prevent allergen build-up, so it’s easier to keep your sleep space clean.”

“You may benefit from sleeping with your feet and head elevated to reduce back strain, promote circulation, reduce snoring or lower blood pressure,” Joshua says. Test out a wide range of adjustable beds at ESC Mattress Center to see how they feel!

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