Letter: Mail-in voting is slower and less reliable


Election season has been dysfunctional in Washington state since mail-in voting started. It seems the direction of the state has gone more toward one-party rule over the years and mail-in voting has helped solidify this.

At first glance, you would think wow, I can sit in my home and fill out a ballot without much effort or in a lot of cases much thought! It was supposed to be easy, safe, faster, and more accurate. It would increase voter participation and produce a bigger turnout creating more participation in our Republic. All great points and valiant ideas.

The reality however is nothing close to the grand idea. Since mail-in voting started we send ballots to people who don’t live here, people who have died, people who are not eligible to vote and the list goes on. Secretary of State Kim Wyman herself told me we have no way to even verify citizenship, and she said we just have to trust people to not break election law.

The first problem to address is voter registration and review of the current voter rolls. Second, is access to ballots themselves? It’s easy to just log in and get a duplicate ballot mailed to whomever, with little personal information needed. There is a local couple whose kids moved away, however, both adult kids were on the list of rejected ballots. When trying to reconcile those ballots we found that the parents physically had them in hand never filled out or sent! So how did the ballots get rejected if they were not submitted? Just asking.

Bottom line is, we were led to believe this would be faster, more thorough, and easy. But reality is, it’s slower, less secure, easier to abuse, and creates divisiveness on both sides depending on results. Before mail-in voting, we had results the same night in most cases, now it’s normal to take weeks! We didn’t wonder if voters were eligible or real since they signed in at the polling place.

There is a reason why countries around the world have made mail-in voting illegal. It’s too easy to corrupt! Until we go back to in-person voting there will always be skepticism and distrust in elections! Who knows the truth behind the vote-by-mail debacle that has plagued our state and now the nation, but I wonder just wonder, is an America full of distrust what the globalists want?

Just a thought.

Timothy Hazelo

Oak Harbor