Letter: Liberal writer hit below the proverbial belt


I read with great disgust the Ted Noodle’s Sept. 20 letter to the editor. I can’t believe the hogwash that these liberals try to pass as disinformation. Just disagree with their far-left Marxist views and they claim “disinformation.” Now the name calling, just pass the line, calling people you disagree with ”ramblings of a grumpy old man?” Noodle dude! That’s below the belt. What are you smoking in that pipe?

Liberals like this doodle doo have mastered the art of flipping the truth around, big time. I happened to agree with Fred and Ed. They call it as it is: the truth. Can’t handle that doodle man? Get over it and deal with it. Gee, I hope I was not ranting too much for you.

Luie Ferrer