Letter: Allowing men in women’s sports is problematic


What is it with liberals? For 50 years women told us that men ruled the world, that the glass ceiling forced women to work twice as hard to make half the rewards and that sports were financed unequally in favor of men.

Now in one short year, we are told that all men have to do to play in women’s sports is claim that they are women. In college sports, this is tantamount to erasing women from scholarships, medals, records and history.

That is bad enough, but I don’t understand where the champions of women’s rights are. What happened to NOW? Where are all those stalwart defenders of women? Is erasing women from sports that insignificant that they are silent?

Title IX was passed to ensure that women received equal treatment, access and funding in education and sports, but our presidential dingbat just changed the rules. For what purpose? So a handful of men can dominate in women’s sports.

When I was growing up, going into a women’s locker room or bathroom as a male would get you thrown out of school. No teenage girl is comfortable having to worry about someone else gawking at her.

Fred Wilferth