Letter: Supreme Court justices should disrobe now


One candidate for president has been repeatedly unfaithful to his wife, the truth, the law and the Constitution of our country.

His mouth is a cesspool of lies, his morals a vessel without cargo, his aim to sink the ship of state. He flies a flag of white fright; it’s the government’s messy fault all eligible individuals can cast a vote.

This Supreme Court is a supreme embarrassment to high school civics. It can’t figure out if a conspiracy to fabricate fake electors in a presidential election is actually a breach of written law?

Let this court disrobe itself, divest itself of jurisprudence, bury its right-wing head in a pathetic pit of fascism.

And let the great, free vote, including every non-white American, and every emancipated woman’s body in the 2024 general election, the will of an honest body politic, make of these cowards a folly and show them for the traitors that they will forever be known to be.

Steven V. Horton