Why not buy your generator from the same company that services it?

Whidbey electricians back up generator sales with the service to keep you warm for years to come

As you’re driving around Whidbey Island or Anacortes, you might see that blue wrapped van or truck, with that deep blue lighting logo with lightning bolts running through it.

You might notice the Island Electric logo along with the electrical services listed. After all, Island Electric is known for their quality electrical work for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

However, you may not be aware that you can also buy your Generac generator directly from Island Electric – and have all servicing and repairs handled right here on the island. “Power outages are very common here on the island in winter lasting up to five days. These generators are fully automatic and you don’t even need to be home. They start on their own, and when power is restored, they shut off on their own,” Rossi explains.

Jeff Rossi, the owner of Island Electric, who opened Island Electric & Sign, LLC in 2017, moved to the Whidbey Island and Anacortes region in 2002.

“I love the island and community I live in and I know how reputation is very important here. Integrity is very important to me. If something breaks with your generator, even if you didn’t buy it from us, we’re the ones on the island who are going to be fixing it,” Rossi says. “So, it makes sense that people are buying it from us. I stand behind what we sell.”

Why buy a generator from Island Electric and choose them as your generator provider?

  1. Buy your generator from the same company that services and repairs generators on the island: Rossi says when all is said and done, it’s best to buy your generator from the same place that does most of the warranty repair and maintenance of them on the island: “There are four or five other places where you can buy that generator on the island, but as we’re the only warranty repair center for these generators on the island, we’re the ones who are going to keep them running for years to come,” Rossi says.
  2. They honor your five-year warranty on generators: “We will honor the five-year warranty that Generac has, and we offer extended warranties through Generac, but even after the warranty expires, we’re still going to be the one who replaces the oil, tune-ups and repairs,” he says. Servicing like this is hard to find on this island. Local contractors often charge for any extra time they may spend, but Rossi prides himself on keeping the original quoted price.
  3. They answer their phone 24/7 and honor their word: Rossi says there’s always someone available to take your call. “We answer our phone. We show up and we’ll be there when we say we are going to be there. You can rely on us.”
  4. To sum up their three main principles: “Our principles are: to answer the phone, show up, and honor our price”, says Rossi.

To learn more, or for a free quote, visit www.islandelectric.org or call 360-544-2493. You can also stay up to date on Facebook!

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