Letter: Hoffman Road clean up was long overdue


This is my response to a letter from S. Coleman (Dec. 6 letter to the editor) regarding the bulldozing of the homeless encampment. Looky here, this should have happened a long time ago. Most of those peoples living in that unsanitary, unclean filth had no right to live there in the first place.

Most (if not all of these lazy people ) are a bunch of drug addicts, drunks and mentally sick. Most of these peoples do not want any help, just live like that in the filth, period. So what are the taxpayers to do? Clean them out, do not let them become such an eyesore that is unsafe, unsanitary even for themselves. I feel sorry for the clean-up crew and the deputies that have to be around such filth.

I would like to suggest that more people contact their state representatives to build more state hospitals. In the meantime, Miss Coleman could put her money where her mouth is. Take as many of those people to your home/driveway and take proper care of them. See how she likes them apples when her place becomes another Hoffman Road. Just saying…

Luie Ferrer