Letter: County’s sludge-spreading is putting residents at risk


If you live or own property on Whidbey Island you owe it to yourself to read the article referenced in the Sept. 14 letters to the editor called, “Concerns growing over tainted sewage spread on crop lands,” by the Associated Press.

Island County is buying up property on Whidbey Island to spread its Class B, which is the least regulated, sewage sludge “biosolids” on. Which is being OK’d by our commissioners.

Whidbey Island has a very limited water supply, and this sewage sludge has minimal testing done on it before it is spread. Let your commissioners know that we don’t want this sewage sludge and the toxins that come with it spread on our island and the runoff that could contaminate our wells and beaches.

It would start a never-ending cycle from water to food to people, then back to sewage.

The commissioners and the county departments that are advising them, are looking at saving money, which is not a very significant amount and will cost us all in the long run. They have the option to ship it off the island and have it processed as a Class A, which has stricter guidelines than the Class B that they would be dumping on our island. Which would not come back to our island unless someone purchased it to do so.

Lori Thompson