Letter: Article got some things wrong


It’s not a common place when a candidate himself or herself has to correct the record on a mostly well written article. However this is one of those rare cases! In response to the article by Jessie Stensland on Oct. 25 . I first have to say that if you know me I wear who I am on my sleeve for all to see. I would rather you hate me for the truth, than love me for a lie. Let the votes fall where they may. With that there are some flaws and in some cases false presumptions in the article.

First you will not find anywhere that I have claimed climate change is a hoax. The climate is ever changing and always will be. If you think otherwise you are wrong. What I question is the narrative of the climate change.

As for the presidential election of 2020 and the vote by the party. Do yourself a favor and go look at what I really said about it. That was I am the elected chairman not the dictator. I am elected at the will of the voters (Hard to conceptualize in today’s politics) they voted for the measure and I am not in a position to deny their will. As such I will also be respecting the will of the voters who put me in the county in a couple weeks. I invite Jessie to have an interview with me regarding the will of the people and the election deniers and we can do a whole article if she wants. My position on the 2020 presidential race is Biden no matter how disastrous it has been is our president and as an American I need to do whatever I can to ensure his success, because his failures hurt us all, and boy are we hurting! And why is it that questioning an election is only a problem when Republicans do it? Yep more things that make the normal people of our nation go Hmm.

As stated above I am an open book. If you want a deceitful government that is trying to turn your community into something you don’t recognize or want without your input then stick with the current short timer in Island County that’s trying to do just that. If you love it here and stayed here because of what it is/was and want to preserve it, than I am your candidate. Vote for your community, vote for your islands and farms, vote for your security, rights and safety, vote for Tim Hazelo!

Timothy S Hazelo (USN Ret.)

County commissioner candidate