Letter: With Trump, you get more pandemic denial, racism


In response Ed Hickey’s July 1 letter to the editor, I’d like to present some facts.

The Obama economy, after inheriting the great recession from Bush, increased the GDP by 16 percent vs the 7.5 percent for the past three years, before Trump began denying the COVID-19 disaster.

So, let’s move on to that $800 billion stimulus.

You do know how much the Trump era has paid out in stimulus right? How about $2 trillion so far, with more to come, with the White House keeping payments to businesses secret, saying they were “proprietary.”

Trump has family working in the White House, and you accuse Obama of cronyism? Then you went on to attack “corrupt Hillary.” Wow, let’s see how many scandals Trump has had. There was the grab your pu**y, that Melania used to get a better prenup.

Trump takes money from foreign governments for using his facilities around the world, and I’m sure they don’t expect anything in return for that. Fifteen women have accused him of sexual assault. And on and on.

Just Google Trump and they are all well documented, and he doesn’t deny them.

Oh, and he was impeached for trying to get Ukraine involved in our elections.

So, who is corrupt?

Moving to dementia and the Democrats. I’ll admit Joe Biden is not the slickest talker, but compared to Trump, he can actually mouth a complete coherent sentence. I dare you to find a single sentence uttered by Trump — not tweeted — that makes any sense at all.

Good news is, with Joe we get a strong man who may one day be our next president, and maybe just maybe we can join the rest of the world with universal health care, like Trump currently enjoys.

With Trump you get Pence and “mommy,” more pandemic denial, and four more years of racism and hell.

Timothy Econmu


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