Letter: Newspapers should unite Whidbey


First, we are an island, with many people but still an island together. Yet we are separated by north and south with our newspapers for a 45-mile radius. Having grown up in towns and cities that represent the whole of the area within towns and their suburbs that span way further, I think it’s a travesty that islanders have to choose between two papers on certain days.

We should be able to read the news for the while island every publication without having to pay for two papers. When we subscribe, it should be Whidbey Island. Not south and north. This is the problem with society today. Why do we have to have two sides when we can be one. Whidbey Island is a whole island and should be treated as such with our journalistic providers. Let’s be one island with one newspaper and not one island with seperate news. I call for us all to reply and support so we can be one, undivided with all our opinions and news; balanced and otherwise. Time to unite and separate the silly journal divide between us.

Tishia Malone