Letter: Jessica Aws’ education an asset on school board


This November, the voters of the Oak Harbor School District will elect directors for the school board. For the first time in recent memory, all five director positions are up for election. The candidates that stand out, in my opinion, are those that have had varied educational backgrounds and, consequently, appreciate the innate value that such experiences bring to one’s life.

In the case of Jessica Aws, her formal college experience started with Running Start at Green River Community College when she was a senior in high school. She then received a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology with a minor in history from the University of Washington. Two years later, she received a Master of Arts degree in medieval archeology from the University of York in England. Three years following that endeavor, she received a Master of Science degree in library and information sciences from Syracuse University.

Jessica’s formal education is a real asset to her understanding of what it takes to be academically successful. One of her goals as a school board director has been, and continues to be, to ensure that every child in the Oak Harbor school system receives the tools they need to realize their potential and thrive in their learning efforts. Given her many educational accomplishments, I invite voters to join me in re-electing Jessica Aws this coming election.

For more information about her and her campaign, please visit https://aws4ohsd.com.

Kathryn Ridle

Oak Harbor