Letter: Help exists for those with SAD


I read the article about SAD (Jan. 17, Whidbey News-Times story). I feel such sympathy for those who suffer.

Years ago, my husband was having serious problems. We were also pretty broke. We couldn’t afford any of the light therapies.

First, I bought a timer and an instant on CFL lightbulb. I set the timer to come on 30 minutes before the alarm and go off after sunrise. I was amazed at what a difference that made. Essentially, if the light isn’t on, it’s not morning yet. This was very good for the brain.

Second, I put a timer on a light in the living room so that we didn’t walk from lighted room to darkness.

Third, all light bulbs in the living area of our house, especially the kitchen, have lightbulbs with a CRL (color rendering index) of 90+. This is also good for the brain.

Fourth, vitamin D and magnesium are two supplements that we take.

Fifth, I have a dim bulb beside the bed so that when we walk into the bedroom at night, it turns down the brain.

We have done well for 20 years on this regimen. One person said they had tried vitamin D and light. It doesn’t work overnight. It may take a few years to suddenly realize you are doing okay.

Don’t give up.

Rita Cline