Letter: GOP should follow lead of Liz Cheney


In recent months, Liz Cheney, a prominent Republican figure and former House Republican Conference chair, has made headlines for her outspoken criticism of former President Donald Trump and her refusal to align herself with his false claims about the 2020 election. With Cheney facing backlash from within her own party for her dissenting views, the question arises: should all Republicans follow her lead and speak out against Trump?

The Republican Party finds itself at a crossroads, torn between traditional conservative values and the cult of personality that has developed around Trump. While some Republicans continue to support Trump and his baseless claims of election fraud, others like Liz Cheney have stood firm in their commitment to truth and democracy.

Cheney’s decision to speak out against Trump sets her apart from many of her Republican colleagues, who have either remained silent or actively perpetuated the falsehoods spread by the former president. By taking a principled stand, Cheney demonstrates a willingness to prioritize the well-being of the country over partisan loyalty.

At its core, the question of whether all Republicans should follow Liz Cheney’s lead is a moral one. Should elected officials prioritize the truth and the rule of law over political expediency? Cheney’s actions suggest that the answer should be a resounding yes.

By refusing to perpetuate lies about the election and by holding Trump accountable for his role in inciting the Capitol insurrection, Cheney is sending a powerful message about the importance of integrity and moral courage in politics. Her example serves as a reminder that elected officials have a duty to uphold the Constitution and the principles on which this country was founded.

For Republicans who choose to remain silent in the face of Trump’s lies and authoritarian behavior, there are significant consequences. By failing to speak out against injustice and corruption, these individuals risk complicity in the erosion of democracy and the rule of law.

When elected officials prioritize loyalty to a single individual over the well-being of the country, they betray the trust of the American people and undermine the very foundations of our democratic system. Liz Cheney’s willingness to break ranks with her party in order to uphold her principles serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of remaining silent in the face of tyranny.

In conclusion, Liz Cheney’s decision to speak out against Trump and to hold him accountable for his role in the January 6th insurrection serves as a powerful example of moral courage and integrity in politics. All Republicans should take note of her leadership and follow her lead in putting country above party. By refusing to bow to the pressures of partisanship and by upholding the values of truth and democracy, Cheney demonstrates the kind of principled leadership that is sorely needed in today’s political landscape.

Should all Republicans follow her lead? The answer is clear: yes, for the sake of our country and our democracy.

Bob Spitzer