Letter: Assertions seem to change when they’re repeated


Regarding Freddie and the Big Lie.

What Fred Wilferth doesn’t say in his letter to the editor is the fact that “all” credible sources in the world deemed our election the most secure in history.

Except for the disgraced ex-presidential cult of Mar-a-Lago.

Fred know this. He is just trying to stir the pot, right Fred?

If he really wanted to promote tyranny, maybe Fred should move to China or Russia. They have really strong demagogues running those countries.

The Big Lie is a little like the telephone game, it seems to change every time someone repeats it. But we all saw, both the free and fair election and insurrection by the Trump mob there for all of history to judge.

So Fred, common man, look around and read a little history and listen to something besides Faux News.


FYI, Wikipedia puts Biden’s lead in the 2020 election at over 7 million votes and 74 electoral college votes.

Nope, not even close. That’s a landslide in the election business.

Tim Econumu