Letter: A thought for a night out on Whidbey Island


I know it’s not politically correct, but instead of what’s said nowadays before public gatherings, I’d like to hear instead the following.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for coming. My name is So Andso, and I’m the artistic director of the theater. Before we begin tonight’s performance, let’s take a moment to remember that we stole the sacred land we sit on tonight from the Snohomish. We kicked them out. We displaced them. We cheated them like they were ignorant children, and we had them sign treaties where the chief himself put down a proud, humongous X on something he didn’t get. We massacred their food source for sport and for progress of the iron horse. We took a peaceful culture that didn’t even need the wheel, and we wheeled and dealed them to terrible land no one wanted. We even made a reservation in advance.

We promoted right here, right where we sit tonight, some of the highest rates of substance abuse, poverty and illiteracy in the United States. We hope you enjoy the show.”

Steven V. Horton