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If there's a clear winner declared on election day, should the losing candidate concede right away?… Continue reading

News-Times launches improved website, new civil commenting

New cleaner, easier to read, more mobile friendly

Flight center giving vets free admission Nov. 11

Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour admitting veterans for free Nov. 11

Johnson the best choice for county commissioner

We urge voters to return Johnson to continue the work she has begun

Graduates, never allow anyone to take away from your potential to succeed | Publisher’s Column

Graduates, you alone will determine your success. Sometimes that will come with support from others, but it may also be in spite of those who lack faith in you.

Consider tossing your hat in ring during Filing Week | Publisher’s Column

Filing Week is an opportunity to put democracy to work and ensure the voters have a choice come Election Day.

Best of Whidbey voting continues until May 31 | In Our Opinion

Voting for Best of Whidbey 2016 is under way. The annual contest is a fun and engaging way for readers of the Whidbey News-Times to pick their favorite businesses, foods, drinks, people and more.

A strong newspaper should be empowering, not a scary concept | Publisher’s Column

These past few months, the Whidbey News-Times and its sister newspaper, The South Whidbey Record, saw unprecedented subscriber growth at a time when many newspapers across the country are battling just to hang on to subscribers.

Decision to keep WIC on base is a win for many Navy families | Editorial

It’s unfortunate that some military families earn so little that they qualify for help through the Women Infants and Children’s program, or WIC.

Trump train leading us down a scary track | Editorial

The Trump train has been chugging along for months, spewing idiotic and, sometimes, vitriolic remarks that leave one scratching their head.

Storm a reminder that newspaper serves vital role during trying times | Publisher

Last week’s storm was a reminder of just how important it is to people to remain connected during trying times. As the winds slammed the island Tuesday, peaking at 55 mph at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, trees toppled onto power lines and into roads.

Join us Wednesday in celebrating 125 years as your paper | Opinion

For 125 years, the Whidbey News-Times has covered the news and events of importance to its readers.

Letters to the editor are a celebration of freedom of speech | Opinion

When you don’t agree with another person’s opinions, it can be a bitter pill to swallow. But nobody ever said freedom of speech was always palatable.

Voting for Best of Whidbey is fun, fast and easier than ever | Publisher’s Column

The Whidbey News Group’s annual Best of Whidbey Readers Choice Awards is off to a strong start.

By the numbers: A celebration of 125 years of local news | Publisher’s Column

This is a milestone year for the Whidbey News-Times.

Optimism growing as recession fades away | Publisher’s Column

During the past several weeks, I’ve had some interesting and enlightening conversations with a few key people in the community, both on North and Central Whidbey.

To ensure fairness for all, Lady Justice wears a blindfold | Publisher’s Column

On the front page of today’s Whidbey News-Times is an article about an Oak Harbor man, Daniel Raavel, who was hit so hard in the head while he slept it literally left him with an gaping, oozing hole. One has to wonder how he survived.

Newspapers aim to empower readers | Publisher’s Column

Reporters and editors often half-jokingly remark amongst themselves that they don’t become journalists for the money.

Keep telling us what you want in the WNT | Publisher’s Column

It’s been two months since we launched the metered system on the Whidbey News-Times website, and the initial results brought exciting news.

Story of anchor’s discovery, recovery filled with intrigue | Publisher’s Column

Whether the rusty, barnacle-encrusted anchor gingerly raised from the swift waters off of Whidbey Island is truly a relic of Captain George Vancouver’s expedition remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the anchor’s recovery is a story of dedication, determination, mystery and adventure. In summary, it contains all of the elements of an engaging story.