Letter: Muzzall offers only vagueries in his campaign information

Letter to the Editor


I was reading incumbent state Sen. Ron Muzzall’s recent campaign letter. He comments on the fraudulent activities that occurred during the recent distribution of extra federal unemployment benefits.

Yes, this is a real problem. As our sitting senator, what did or will he do about this? Will he vote to raise our taxes so the there is enough modern infrastructure in-place so occurrences will be significantly reduced or … ?

He states that that “them” are ignoring the will of the voters, that “they” are calling for a state income tax.

Who is “they” and “them” who are wanting to amend the state constitution. I would like to know. Vague comments to attempt to stir me up do not inform me.

Facts are important, senator. Please treat us, your constituency, with respect. Be straightforward.

Steve Guss


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