Letter: If we can wear masks to shop, we can wear masks to vote

Letter to the editor


Curiosity has me writing this since I am a little confused about the Democrats demanding mail-in voting.

Citing the pandemic, they want mailed ballots only, which in reality would swamp an already overloaded U.S. Postal Service. Even without voting, they lose mail and packages constantly. They’ve been losing money for decades and Congress just shrugs and quietly funds them.

But not during an election year. Now we have investigations of the post office and it leaders, all for want of mail-in ballots.

It seems to me that if we can wear masks and go out to the mall, grocery stores and other retailers, why can’t we go to the polls to vote?

Here we already have ballot by mail or drop box at polling centers with relatively small population. But, nationwide, mailing would be a disaster.

Also, if the votes aren’t counted by noon on Jan. 20, 2021, with no declared winner, who assumes the duties as president? Does it fall then to the speaker of the House?

Martin Cole