Evelyn Colleen Vaughn: June 17, 1963-November 30, 2023

Evelyn Colleen Vaughn at the age of 60 y/o lost her battle to cancer passing away peacefully at home surrounded by her family on November 30, 2023. Evelyn was a strong advocate for using naturopathic remedies to battle her cancer. She was diagnosed in March, 2017 and was told she had one year without treatment and 5 years with treatment. Well, she made the docs eat their words!!!

Evelyn Colleen Vaughn, wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, grandmother was very much loved by all she came in touch with including many in our local community. She loved her family, home, yard, animals, crafting, canning, and holidays. Evelyn loved to make crafts for her home for the holidays and as gifts to give out using the natural supplies from her back yard.

Evelyn Colleen Vaughn laughed at cancer and being the strong woman, she was …… painted the whole exterior of her home Summer of 2021. She continued to laugh at Cancer during the Summer of 2023 while she repainted her back yard fence.

Evelyn Colleen Vaughn worked up till September 2022 when she sustained a pathological fracture to her right ankle, became wheelchair bound and retired November 2022. Being the strong woman, she was…. she pushed through her symptoms to keep up with her house, animals and granddaughter for as long as she could.

Evelyn Colleen Vaughn spent her last Thanksgiving surrounded by family at her sister, Sheila’s house, November 25, 2023.

A memorial service will be held around her Birthday, June 17, 2024 at her church. Details will be posted later.