Carol Sue Heywood: October 23, 1951 – January 17, 2023

Carol Sue Heywood was born October 23, 1951 in Southern California. She was the middle child of a homemaker and a fire chief in Los Angeles County. The Heywood children spent many happy hours at their father’s fire station.

Along with her siblings, Kathy and David, the family moved briefly to Washington State, where Carol would eventually return. In 2017, she became Finance Manager at the Whidbey Island Waldorf School, where she soon became a much beloved colleague. Recently, she worked as the receptionist at Dr. Biehler’s dental office in Freeland where she graciously greeted patientswith her warm smile and sincere kindness.

Carol’s volunteer work made an impact as well. She worked quietly in the background at Woodhaven High School to make sure the finances were in order and that things ran smoothly.Her consistent efforts were instrumental in helping the school survive its fledgling years. She was a wonderful support to, and champion of, Woodhaven.

She manifested loving kindness for all around. Her spiritual life influenced her thoughts and actions, and she loved her daily dance and meditation practices. Occasionally she would share a vision, guidance, or dream with her friends and colleagues, leaving them uplifted and inspired.She enjoyed many weekly suppers with her friend Joy, where they would reminisce on past spiritual experiences, such as the synchronized global peace meditation of the Harmonic Convergence, in 1987. This outpouring of beauty, wisdom, and unconditional love, awakened Carol’s inner spiritual guide, inspiring her to share with others in many creative ways. Herself-published book “Passionate Pinky and the Evolutionary Experiment” has been read by many.

Carol was an excellent host and organizer who gathered like-hearted, like-minded people together to share their knowledge on a vast array of alternative subjects. She was the President of the Canadian Questers Society for a number of years, overseeing the orchestration of many events.

Carol was in tune, present, and totally comfortable with being ahead of her time––an “early bloomer” as she would often say. Entirely dedicated and passionate about being a steward for Mother Earth and human evolution––being able to live in harmony, peace, and abundance––together with the Earth––was consistently a theme in her life. This led her to explore a variety of alternative communities––Findhorn Scotland being the closest to her heart.She loved to be in nature, to hike and commune with the natural elements. She was an avid gardener, had a deep connection to pink roses, and adored rainbows.

Carol had a way of turning a challenge into a positive experience. She sought joy and cheer in every moment and loved to have fun. She had an infectious giggle and laugh which radiated from her being. Flexibility was her middle name and she mirrored this in her love for yoga, stretching and dance. She was also an avid fan of science fiction––her all-time favorite beingStar Trek.

Carol loved hip, beautiful clothes and always looked trendy. She loved coloring her hair in different colors from purple to pink streaked auburn to bring her “drab” brown bob to life. She loved dogs, and in recent years always had her beloved Sadie close by. Her previous Leonbergers were Rosie and Sage. Carol walked her talk, giving unquestioningly to those in need. She would do anything for her friends, and her love lives on in all who knew her. She is sorely missed.

Carol’s kind and ever-giving heart gave out Tuesday, January 17, 2023. She is survived by her sister Kathy in Washington, and her brother David in Arizona.

“There is no circumstance, in which loving more, is not the answer” –Unknown

A celebration of Carol’s life will be held at Whidbey Island Waldorf School’s Sunny Meadow on March 26th. Further details will be forthcoming.