Letter: We should be grateful for Growler crews


I have to say first and foremost when I heard the news of what appears to be a swatting of people who would gladly, bravely drop everything to stand between harm and us – well I was terrified and ready to race to help. I mean what kind of fellow human would hate on heroes able to swear an oath to put aside their health and their life, “To support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” and therefore our lives and liberty.

But then again I turned on anti-social media and found all these horrid comments on the Naval Air Station’s Facebook about Sen. Patty Murray thanking the NAS Whidbey Island pilots who participated in the Super Bowl flyover. Wild comments about Sen. Murray and hurtful comments about the gender of the pilots. There’s your answer.

Can’t my fellow civilians just realize and be grateful that it takes incredible physical and mental skill, courage and commitment to fly one of those EA-18G Growlers to express true love for America? Because I can’t think of a more passionate love than to serve in harm’s way for your fellow Americans like over Eastern Europe or the Middle East. This citizen hurts that I can’t give more to requite their love by deed of our country.

Because every time I get to give remote testimony because Rep. Emily “Candle” Wicks legislated it; I remember who exactly is flying over my head and has my back for my right to give my local electeds and state legislators a piece of my mind unlike in say Russia: The place my heart is wrapped around — perhaps too tightly, namely NAS Whidbey Island.

Joe A. Kunzler