“Police blotter, Nov. 20”

"News from Whidbey, as seen through 9-1-1 reports"

  • Nov 19, 1999

Weekend bus service will stall

Island Transit calls impending death of Saturday bus service the first casualty of Initiative 695.

  • Nov 19, 1999


"For 71 years, Millie Severine knew she had a sister. But where?"

  • Nov 19, 1999

McDowell draws a challenger

Lynne Wilcox changes parties and launches second challenge against incumbent Republican Island County Commissioner Mac McDowell.

  • Nov 16, 1999

“Seniors, kids and cops”

Oak Harbor's projected cuts include some popular programs.

  • Nov 12, 1999

Video wars

"The number of local video stores thins by one as Quality Video calls it quits, blaming competition from new Blockbuster stores."

  • Nov 5, 1999

Weather may be rough again this winter

"No one can say for sure what the weather will bring, but return of La Nina pattern may bring a repeat of 1998-99's strong winds and rain."

  • Nov 5, 1999

I-695 effects: Transit faces cuts in routes

"Clinton ferry dock may also run out of money for completion, senator says."

  • Nov 5, 1999

Election 1999 – Island County Vote Counts

"Up-to-date vote counts on the races for Oak Harbor City Hall seats, Coupeville Town Hall slots, the Vanderzicht Pool levy, and more from the Island County Auditor's Office."

  • Nov 2, 1999

Wetlands or farm lands?

Landowners say the county's ideas for environmental rules would put them out of business — but others say rules are still too loose

  • Nov 2, 1999

A Crash Landing in Tight Space

Fighting bald eagles carry on their battle for territory in an islander's back yard

  • Nov 2, 1999

Island man builds business out of wine grapevine

"If you want to know more about wine, here's the guy to call"

  • Oct 29, 1999

Will a tax vote Sink the Pool?

"Some taxpayers say they are tired of paying for Oak Harbor's public pool. But if they stop, pool operators say they may not be able to keep it open."

  • Oct 29, 1999

4-H counselor dies in motorcycle crash

Everett man seriously hurt in separate mishap

  • Oct 26, 1999

“I-695: Road to heaven, or hell?”

"Most seem to agree that Washington's motor vehicle tax needs reform. But some think Initiative 695 is a disastrous way to send a message, while others say it's a message that's long overdue"

  • Oct 26, 1999

“Police blotter, Oct. 23”

"Life on Whidbey, as seen through 911 records."

  • Oct 22, 1999

Oak Harbor council rejects tax hikes

"Defeat of measure intended to make up for I-695 could force $800,000 in cuts."

  • Oct 22, 1999

“Police blotter, Oct. 20, 1999”

"Whidbey's streets, as viewed through 911 reports."

  • Oct 19, 1999

Arrests of officers make Oak Harbor police work short

"DUI, assault arrests take two Oak Harbor officers off the street"

  • Oct 19, 1999

Island Forum

Oak Harbor City candidates tell us what they think can be done for downtown and the waterfront.

  • Oct 19, 1999