Coupeville adopts noise code

The Coupeville town council approved an excessive noise ordinance.

The Coupeville town council approved an excessive noise ordinance following a number of complaints from town residents living on Bainbridge Lane.

Prior to the adoption of the ordinance, the town “virtually (did) not have a noise code, for all intents and purposes,” Mayor Molly Hughes said during the July 12 public hearing on the proposed ordinance.

The new code enumerates the specific scenarios that constitute excessive noise, including some noise associated with vehicle repairs, frequent or continuous sounds caused by pets and the operation of loud tools or appliances during nighttime hours.

It also adopts a three-tiered fine structure identical to that of Island County for violators. The fine is $25 for a first violation within a year, $125 for a second violation and $1,000 or 90 days in jail for a third violation.

A number of town residents came forward during the public hearing to voice their support for the ordinance and thank the council members for their response to noise-related complaints. Hughes said in a previous council meeting that the town has received many noise complaints recently.