The easy sleep solution that works for you AND your partner

A little elevation can make all the difference for a good night’s sleep

Trying to find the right mattress for one person can be challenging enough. Try to match sleep styles and preferences for two people, and the task can seem downright impossible.

At the same time, for couples who enjoy the connection that can come with sharing a mattress, the idea of separate beds might not appeal, either.

That’s where a flex-head or split-head mattress comes in, says William Wellauer, co-owner of ESC Mattress Center in Everett.

“Say you like to read before bed and your partner turns in early. A split-head mattress gives you the flexibility to sit up comfortably while they lay down and nod off,” Wellauer explains.

“Or, maybe your partner gets congested at night, or snores, and a little elevation eases that. They can raise their head to accommodate, while you snooze the night away next to them.”

Essentially, couples adjust separately, but stay in the same mattress.

Pros and Cons of Split-head Mattresses

Compared to full split kings, where the separation extends the length of the mattress, flex-head or split-head mattress are only separated at the top. That means there’s no gap down the middle of the mattress, so cuddling is no problem.

Available in Queen, King and California King sizes, split-head mattresses are typically less expensive than split king set-ups but obviously require an adjustable bed frame to get the most of the mattress.

Of course, elevation isn’t the only distinction between mattresses, and flex-head mattresses are no different. Available options include traditional spring, hybrid, latex, smart-bed or memory foam, Wellauer says.

And – good news if your new year’s wish list includes better sleep – a new mattress can be ordered and in your home within one to three weeks, in most cases. (ESC Mattress also offers full service delivery and take away options for your old mattress – see in-store for details.)

One factor to consider with a split-head mattress is the sheets, which must accommodate the unique sides of the bed. For ESC Mattress co-owner Joshua Rigsby, the solution is a quality brand like DreamFit. “The sheets include straps that guarantee the sheets will not pop off the mattress.”

Don’t sleep poor in 2024, locally owned and operated, E.S.C. Mattress Center serves all of Snohomish County and outlying areas from their store in Everett. Find them on Facebook and online at escmattresscenter.com.

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