3 ways to get better sleep (and why it matters!)

Don’t sleep poor in 2024!

This year has a lot going on, from elections here at home to everything happening beyond our borders, so if sleep has been evading you lately, you’re not alone.

The sleep-stress cycle can be hard to break. After all, high-quality sleep helps us manage stress in a healthier way but when we’re more stressed out, sleep can be elusive.

“We need sleep to help balance our stress but stress makes it hard to sleep. The irony is hard to miss when it comes to the relationship between the two,” says E.S.C. Mattress Center co-owner, William Wellauer. “Sleep and wellness experts all agree though, when stress goes up your sleep should, too!”

While there’s no shortage of tips and tricks when it comes to a more restful sleep, it’s always a good idea to get back to the basics first. Here are three science-backed tips for getting more high-quality ZZZs

  1. Stick to a strict sleep schedule: Consistency is key. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day! This helps your body regulate a healthy sleep/wake cycle.
  2. Ditch the screens for a minimum one hour before bed: Studies on blue light and the stimulation from screens have shown time and time again that screens and sleep don’t mix!
  3. Move your body: Engaging in more activity during the day can help you feel more tired so you fall asleep more easily at night. Exercise also helps regulate stress and supports an all-around healthy lifestyle – try aiming for 30 minutes a day.

“Lack of sleep affects more aspects of our health than people realize. Not only can it boost your stress levels, it can also increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and depression. It can also worsen existing illnesses and their symptoms. So do yourself a favor and go to sleep!” Wellauer says.

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