Woman starts chapter of Chesterson society

Whidbey Island’s newly established a Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton chapter.

Community members with an interest in essays and philosophical discussions might consider joining Whidbey Island’s newly established Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton chapter.

Rita Bartell Drum, a Central Whidbey resident, started the chapter on Feb. 27 in hopes to meet people who enjoy discussing religion, politics and social justice themes.

Drum teaches classic literature online at Hillsdale College, and enjoys reading the works of Chesterton, who is also known as “the apostle of common sense.”

While the society’s mission is to “evangelize through education, inspiring people to live joyful, holy lives, with G.K. Chesterton as a model of lay spirituality,” Drum said the Whidbey chapter will be “infinitely less” focused on Christianity, and is open to people of all faiths, atheists and agnostics who enjoy reading and discussing essays.

Many of Chesterton’s over 4,000 essays, according to Drum, don’t involve religious beliefs but offer interesting perspectives on different aspects of life.

Before each meeting, members vote on an essay that Drum will then email to everyone to later discuss with the group. At one meeting, Drum said, members spent over two hours discussing Chesterton’s marriage proposal to his fiancee.

The club, she explained, is a way to bring together different perspectives and enhance culture on the island.

The club meets every Thursday at 1 p.m. at a seaside venue in Penn Cove. Drum will provide an address to prospective members who reach out to her at gkchestertonwhidbey@gmail.com. There are no membership fees, and Drum will provide drinks and treats to guests.