Letter: What is Critical Race Theory? Who is being canceled?


Thanks to Whidbey News Times for going mail delivery; I am finally enjoying the local news in a timely manner. I especially like the diversity and informative nature of the letters to the editor.

But to Ed, who contributes his opinion week after week: am trying to understand. It would be helpful if he could put some context to where some of his ideas and terms spring.

In my research Antifa — antifascist — and BLM — Black Lives Matter — are two different ideas.

And what is Critical Race Theory? It is not in any dictionary, thesaurus or common usage in any publications from The Guardian to national publications or TV news coverage.

Interesting that I could not find a source to explain an unnamed respected physician fired for asking about a definition of “structural racism.” May I ask, what does structural racism mean? I also missed the widely stated fact that there are police spending their days hunting black people to kill.

What do you mean we have to accept the politics of “multiracial whiteness” and “gender journeys?” Breaking it down “multiracial whiteness” doesn’t make sense to me. Gender journeys? I am a woman, a different gender than Ed, and am on my own journey, which I deem acceptable.

I expect that no one wants to be “canceled.” Who are the “we” to which you refer?

Furthermore, I have seen no mobs or herds of such rambling throughout my friends in Seattle neighborhoods or in my son’s Portland neighborhood nor anywhere on Whidbey Island. Where does this fear come from?

Expressing love for America is extreme … we are all those people who love our country. Maybe I should read Speaker John Boehner’s new book to try and understand what Ed is talking about.

I would hope that we solve problems in America by listening, acknowledging one another and participating, not blaming.

Check out Braver Angels whose goal is to help facilitate depolarization.

Millie Fonda


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