Letter: Letter-writing ‘mole’ might be double agent


I have been debating with myself as to respond to Mr. Freed’s letter outing me as a mole. I will admit that I was a bit confused in reading his missive equating my questions to the old saw about “beating my wife.” Let me settle that question before I try to deconstruct the rest of his diatribe. Yes, I still beat my wife at scrabble, occasionally she beats me, but I can’t complain.

His history is fascinating, I suppose, but has little relation to my original letter. Whether he is an average citizen, or a raving lunatic doesn’t answer the questions I posed. I too have a history but find mentioning my education, jobs, military commitment, etc. wasteful of paper and ink.

That brings me to what I think is the cusp of his irritation with me: Trump.

Really is that the most important thing in my original letter? I suppose Mr. Freed answered the first question posed to the positive, (was Trump really that bad?) but what of the rest of my questions? I would assume that they would favor exactly the opposite of what I would support, but no matter, I still live in the best country on earth.

Therefore, I confess, I am a mole! l joined your “dark side,” or maybe I’m just a double agent.

Fred Wilferth