Disruptors and Dominators Reviews (Weiss Ratings) Tony Sagami & Chris Graebe

If the Russia-Ukraine conflict has taught us anything, it is that disruptions are unavoidable globally. In this instance, we are referring to the ongoing impact that rising energy and oil prices have on the economy and the standard of living of the general public. Tony Sagami and Chris Graebe, two investors, are steadfast that people can make money from this unrest.

The following points about the investment caught the attention of our editorial team: 1) it is a small tech company based in the USA; 2) they are not involved in oil exploration, drilling, or refining; and 3) they have developed a technology breakthrough that may be able to access oil buried deep beneath our ocean floors. According to Chris Graebe, this oil source is actually unexplored and is reportedly worth about $8.1 trillion.

In further discussing the technological breakthrough (also known as A.I.R), Tony revealed that:

  • Its origins can be traced back to an early technology used by the American army
  • The radar system, which typically penetrates depths of 20 to 30 feet, now employs artificial intelligence (and thus, A.I.R) to generate massive amounts of data to pinpoint precisely where oil can be found on the ocean floor.
  • The small company has a contract with one of the world’s largest oil-drilling companies
  • The technology aids in the resolution of the world’s worst energy crisis yet

The use of big data is becoming increasingly significant, whether for local or national decisions or for finding a solution to a persistent problem that one day may endanger our existence. Combined with radar systems and artificial intelligence, this new technology is an embodiment of precisely that. Considering everything that has been revealed, it is only natural to wonder what the next steps would entail. Well, now is an excellent time to introduce Disruptors and Dominators.

What is the Disruptors and Dominators membership?

Disruptors and Dominators is a research publication focused on significant trends and technologies. The team, led by editor Tony Sagami and associate editor Chris Graebe, will use this platform to discuss opportunities that continue to rule the tech industry, including, but not limited to, drones, telemedicine, life extension, and artificial intelligence. Published by Weiss Ratings, Disruptors and Dominators insist that they offer ratings that are “100% independent, objective and free from conflicts of interest.” Above anything else, this duo tells things as they are, whether it be “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

What makes up the Disruptors and Dominators membership?

Before discussing the standard advantages of the Disruptors and Dominators membership, it is essential to go over the special reports available to those who join today. We are specifically referring to the following:

Special Report #1. How to Profit From the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil Industry Disruption

Tony describes in detail the small company that developed the A.I.R technology in this report. Members will particularly find information on the stock name, ticker symbol, his defense of massive disruption, a comparison of conventional GPS technology and this better one, and much more.

Bonus Report #1. The Oil Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth

It only makes sense for oil exploration companies to take a stand as oil prices continue to rise. Tony claims this is a crucial step in advancing A.I.R technology. In this report, he outlines the fundamentals of one company that might profit from this amplification. This company, which is based in Texas, is reputed to be one of the biggest oil drillers worldwide. Additionally, they have partnered with the aforementioned small business, so two positions should be maximized.

Bonus Report #2. My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles

Tony is focused on one company that uses A.I.R technology in the field of autonomous vehicles because he thinks it’s important for the entire industry. Chris and Tony concur that this presents a fantastic opportunity for startups in this sector, particularly in fueling larger ones. Investors may find this to have a low entry barrier and a satisfying payoff.

Bonus Report #3. Resource Millionaires

Tony concludes by arguing that A.I.R technology can also be applied to other sectors. The extraction of gold, silver, copper, and lithium, among other things, is what most convinces him. Lithium, a particular metal, started the electric vehicle revolution; as a result, investing in metal exploration is an excellent way to profit from any industry that uses these parts. In this report, Tony reveals the specifics of yet another small company that has agreements with AI firms to help locate metals across South America, Africa, and the United States.

Returning to the standard rewards that are typically obtained by joining Disruptors and Dominators, they are as follows:

  • 12 issues per year that explore businesses using disruptive technologies
  • Constant access to the Editors’ Mailbag, which contains all of Tony and Chris’ reports, analyses, and most recent recommendations
  • Access to the Disruptors and Dominators model portfolio
  • Updates on holdings as required
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

Is it costly to access the Disruptors and Dominators membership?

Pricing is solely based on the subscription type chosen at checkout. People currently have a choice of two options. Here is what each one consists of:

Standard Membership – 1 Year ($59)

12 digital-only monthly issues of Disruptors and Dominators

  • Special Report #1. How to Profit from the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil Industry Disruption
  • Bonus Report #1. The Oil Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth
  • Bonus Report #2. My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles
  • Bonus Report #3. Resource Millionaires
  • Bonus Report #4. Fast Track to Farmland Riches

Access to the Weiss Ratings Daily e-letter, which updates members on hard-hitting updates six days a week

  • 24/7 access to the Editor’s Mailbag
  • Guaranteed lowest renewal rate
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

Premium Membership – 1 Year ($79)

Everything from the Standard Membership (both digital and physical copies)

  • Bonus Report #5. Uranium Unchained: How to Profit from the Coming Nuclear Renaissance
  • Bonus Report #6. Lithium: The Power Behind the Decarbonization Revolution

The 365-day money-back guarantee was implemented to allow members to test Tony and Chris’ suggestions and determine whether their investment strategies coincide with one’s own. If members believe that the duo’s recommendations did not positively impact their respective model portfolios, they must contact customer support to request a refund. Listed below are some of the best ways to reach this team:

  • Email: contactus@weissinc.com.
  • Phone: (877) 934 7778
  • Business Mailing Address: 11780 US Highway 1, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408-3080

Who are Tony Sagami & Chris Graebe?

Tony Sagami is the primary editor and technology analyst of Disruptors and Dominators. He has so far gained a solid reputation from being named “Portfolio Manager of the Year” (twice) by Thomson Financial. This is a prestigious title to possess, and in this instance, Tony was honored for selecting top performers even in the worst stock-market years. He obviously didn’t stop there, as the expert is credited with being the first to develop computer software for stock trading. In the early 2000s, he wrote The Supernet, which offered a prediction of the future impact the internet would have.

Weiss Ratings describes Chris Graebe as a startup investing expert and “private equity deal hunter.” He was inspired to delve deeper into this market by investing in organizations like ThisWayGlobal, an AI startup with ground-breaking technology partnerships with Google and IBM. To this day, Chris is proud to say that he made investments alongside notable figures like Mark Cuban.

Our editorial staff also appreciates Chris’ approaches because he doesn’t just identify potential startups; he also visits their executives, looks around their warehouses, and occasionally conducts client interviews. In this day and age, where algorithms are prioritized, it is nice to see an investor who wants to learn about the company at hand!

Final Thoughts

It should be clear by this point that being a member of Disruptors and Dominators equates to investing in companies with disruptive technologies. As per the adage “two heads are better than one,” Tony Sagami and Chris Graebe make the best team. Although they concentrate on the technology sector, this duo offers various viewpoints that probably apply to the entire industry. This will allow members to see firsthand whether this is the industry they want to invest in.

Individuals must first assess their ability to take risks before getting started, as stocks can either shoot to the moon or get buried! Since the technology sector took the biggest hit in the stock market, having input from two experts might aid in increasing positions in companies likely to survive the fast-approaching recession. To learn more about Disruptors and Dominators, click here>>>.



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