Letter: Don’t hate, love America or leave it


Perhaps I don’t have a proper understanding about what “hate” speech and laws are, but after watching a gentleman in Michigan yelling “Death to America!”, it sounded pretty hateful to me.

I am all for free speech, and if you really hate something, I would rather know up front, not after you attacked the thing you hate. I don’t believe in hate crime laws (hate is a reason, not a crime) since at one time or another most of us “hate” something or someone. How we respond is whether we act within the bounds of civilized behavior or not.

You can’t tell me that hate is not part of criminal behavior, whether it is in a robbery of a mini market or a carjacking, a mugging, vandalism or drive-by shooting. At some point hate was involved in the actions that were taken.

But if we are bent on prosecuting hate I would suggest we start with those who “hate” America. With all the people breaking into our country, there is nothing to prevent anyone from going to a country they don’t “hate.” I hear Canada is nice this time of year. Iran sounds like a fine place as well.

So please if you “hate” it here, go where you will find the love you crave.

Fred Wilferth