Letter: Don’t break up the team, reelect Bacon


Melanie Bacon is not only an excellent Island County commissioner, she’s also a great candidate for re-election. During her term of office, she has not only worked with her constituents, she has gone beyond Island County to advocate for projects and funding for us.

She is working with the Washington Association of Counties, making friends and influencing people. She learns from more senior members of that organization and others, and she gets the kind of advice that turns into action. Melanie has made friends in the legislature; she has learned how to get legislators to work for us; and how to successfully present our requests.

Melanie has worked positively with the other two commissioners and, as a team, they have started to work on problems and projects that have lingered for far too long. They’re on a roll; let’s don’t break up the team. No matter how nice they are, please don’t bring in someone who needs a learning curve.

We understand the small farmers would like more of Melanie’s attention – so would we all! But we have to understand that she has a full-time job that keeps her in meetings, in County and out of town. She just can’t see everyone. I’m willing to overlook that because I like what she has accomplished. When our county commissioners have public meetings, they can efficiently answer questions and discuss concerns.

We hope you will support and vote for Melanie Bacon and talk to your friends about her excellent performance during her first term. Keep the team together!

Georgia Gardner

Mark Bantz