Letter: County’s vote count was fair and accurate


The undersigned are candidates on the 2022 ballot, local Island County leaders and others who observed the county’s vote count in person. Win or lose, the undersigned each confirm that to their best knowledge, our county has performed its count accurately and in accordance with all applicable rules. We each commend the county’s elections supervisor and voter registration coordinator for their professionalism, particularly under the difficult circumstance of a power and internet outage before Election Day. We express special gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the county’s part-time elections staff.

A few people are spreading false information questioning the fairness of our county’s vote count. There is no factual basis behind these assertions. Win or lose, we can be proud of the work done by our county’s Elections Office, and we have confidence that the county’s vote count to date is indeed accurate.

Lawrence Behrendt

Nydia Blood

Susanne Bowra

Joy Halley

Anders Hornblad

Jill Johnson

Adam Kaluba

Carolyn Lancet

Cheryl Lawrence

Richard MacQuarrie

Kelly Mauck

Emily Melcher

Bonnie Parry

Dave Paul

Rhonda Salerno

Clyde Shavers

Linda Wehrman