Letter: Biden is real threat to democracy


I was amused by Mr. Panerio’s Aug. 12 letter. It seems that failure to be concerned for 187 minutes about a riot is grounds for a trial, prison sentence, or possibly capital punishment. The call for security belonged to Nancy Pelosi.

Never mind that there are still people who cannot bring themselves to believe the riots following Mr. Floyd’s death was anything but a “summer of love.” Cities destroyed, police forces gutted, shoplifting ignored, crime escalating and people (mostly of color) killed. The Jan. 6 “rioters” did relatively little damage and the only person to die was Ashley Babbitt, a protester. For this Trump is being blamed?

To claim Trump was trying to circumvent the constitution to stay in power is ridiculous. Joe Biden and his weaponized justice department’s desperate use of indictments to keep a possible rival from an election showdown is the real threat to our democracy. Almost every charge leveled against Trump, Biden has committed in spades. So where is the outrage?

So please keep your Trump derangement symptoms in check. As Biden destroys the country, we have so much more to worry about.

Fred Wilferth