Letter: Aquaculture farms of octopus are cruel, unsustainable


Octopuses are widely recognized as the smartest invertebrate in the world, even being known to outsmart humans and escape enclosures. We love them so much, we even named our hockey team after them. While it’s tempting to view them solely as a source of food and entertainment, it’s important to consider the implications of the growth of commercial octopus farming.

Octopuses are subjected to cruel practices when raised for food. Commercial production of octopus is not environmentally sustainable, as their carnivore diet means they need to consume other animals to survive, depleting populations of fish species and destroying marine ecosystems in the process. Captive octopus also experience intense suffering, confined to small tanks and are victims of fatal breeding experiments.

Eating octopus is not only an environmental disaster, but it is inhumane and unfair. Octopuses are sentient and capable of feeling happiness and pain, but they will be barred from living out their lives in freedom. They need saving and we have the power to help them. Let us take the opportunity to prevent unsustainable octopus aquaculture farms and the cruel treatment of this intelligent species. Pass HB 1153!

Shaina Prado