Letter: 14th Amendment is bulwark against internal enemies


There are dozens of groups like “The Proud Boys” and “Oath Keepers” intent on armed insurrection. The Trump GOP supports, encourages, involves, aids and comforts virtually all of them. They are the Trump GOP’s rock-solid support base. Without them, Republicans would never win any future national elections… and they know that.

That solicitation of support is up front and out-in-the-open “aid and comfort” to enemies of the U.S. government! That is a crime. That’s why Republicans are scared of any invocation and/or enforcement of Article 14; Section 3. It would devastate the entire GOP political and business model. It would prohibit them from holding any office. It would make them all part and party to sedition and conspiracy. It could put them in jail, not by politics, but by the rule of law.

Article 14; Section 3 is a constitutional bulwark against any internal enemy camouflaged as a “political party” from assuming and suggesting that insurrection and seditious conspiracy is somehow a legitimate topic for political debate or discourse. It is not. It is a crime. It requires serious consequences. It violates the Constitution itself. It is the exact definition of violating one’s oath of office to support the Constitution. It is simply against the law.

Article 14; Section 3 was written specifically to block any political threat remaining from southern states by prohibiting any and every former southern officer or political leader from ever holding public office again. Allowing rebellion or insurrection to worm its way back into play via apolitical shenanigans was a clear and existential threat to the union. Congress recognized that threat and decisively dealt with it.

Furthermore, a “civil war” was never anticipated by our founding fathers, but it happened. And after it did, Congress made certain that it would not happen again. Thus, Article 14; Section 3 was adopted. And in their wisdom to anticipate the “impossible” in the future, Congress kept that provision active and in play just for such unimaginable developments as we face this very day.

The U.S. Constitution makes no provision or allowance for any type of conspiracy, sedition or promotion of violence or insurrection against the government, its lawful operation or the Constitution as law of the land. In fact, it specially and explicitly prohibits any and all of such activity regardless of is size, intensity or actual consequence. It is a crime. Even to the explicit designation of such as a potential capital offense. How could it not be more clear?

Article 14; Section 3 stands strong and directly in defense against a “Hitlerian” or authoritarian political assault on and/or take over of our constitutional republic. Had Germany had as law its own version of Article 14; Section 3 and enforced it, Hitler would would have been barred from office. Hitler would have had no platform to operate from. Hitler never would have happened.

Mark Brown

Oak Harbor

Editor’s note: Mark Brown is a retired teacher, not the former sheriff of the same name.