Homola is too extreme to elect to state Senate


We have known Sen. Barbara Bailey since she was a freshman representative. She has always been supportive of schools, the disadvantaged and returning veterans. She helps them with education, our young people trying to go to college and those in need, while supporting agricultural activities, industry and the small business community.

This is all being done while maintaining a conservative approach to fiscal responsibility of our state government. We are amazed at the things that she has supported and pushed hard for during her tenure as a senator.

Island County had the opportunity to become part of the 26 counties participating in the Voluntary Stewardship Program regarding Critical Area Resources.

Mrs. Homola should have excused herself from the deliberations because of her affiliation with WEAN as a member and not voted during the process.

Homola is a very liberal, super environmentalist that does not think in practical ideas and concerns.

There are people writing to the papers that have never met Sen. Bailey or even sought her position on different issues, but are attacking her without even knowing where she stands.

Please, Island County, this is wrong.

It will be very wrong to elect anyone that is a member of either an extreme right wing or extreme left wing position to the Washington State Senate.

Sen. Bailey is the logical, proper choice for your vote for State Senate.

Len and Terri Engle