Jim Larsen

Editor’s Column: The worst holiday of the year

The transition from the year’s best holiday to the year’s worst is swift. We spend Christmas with our families eating food and swapping presents, then… Continue reading

Editorial: Island Transit still on a roll

In many ways, Island Transit has come to personify Whidbey Island for visitors since its first order of five buses rolled off the ferry 20… Continue reading

Editor’s Column: Reminiscing as we start our diets

Now that we’re all on our diets, we can reflect back fondly on our holiday cooking successes.My personal victory came in the art of creating… Continue reading

Editorial: A reminder to our men

Tracy Adams, known as “Trace” to his friends, will soon start serving a 22-month sentence in a state prison for 10 counts of computer trespass.… Continue reading

Editor’s Column: A story fit for the whole island

The Whidbey Reads program, in which everyone reads the same book, is looking for a book that the entire island would be interested in reading.This… Continue reading

Editorial: Watch over our wetlands

The Island County Commissioners are proud of the wetlands ordinance update they will soon approve, and time may show that they have a right to… Continue reading

Editor’s Column: Our democratic process explained

Q: I’m very excited about Washington’s upcoming presidential primary election. If things work out, our votes could mean a lot in the big picture. How,… Continue reading

Editorial: Catch these winning girls

The Oak Harbor High School football team has gotten most of the local prep sports publicity in recent years, and for good reason. With several… Continue reading

Editor’s Column: County needs to look more rural

Islanders could make it much easier on our overworked legislators if they would just look more rural.Rep. Barbara Bailey and Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen have… Continue reading

Editorial: Lolita gets a big boost

The long-stalled effort to bring Lolita home to the waters of Puget Sound has received a boost from, of all places, Hollywood.Whidbey Island’s Orca Network… Continue reading

Editor’s Column: White stuff’s a welcome change

We seldom stop to think how great it is to live on a planet where white stuff falls from the sky occasionally.Winter would be so… Continue reading

Editorial: Fire district needs support

Tax dollars are dear to us all, but sometimes it’s necessary to pay more, particularly when the community’s safety is at stake.Island County residents have… Continue reading

Editor’s Column: Give us money, not promises

The federal government is setting a good example in deciding to send each of us a check for $600 so we can spend it and… Continue reading

Editorial: Fire district out of touch

If you’re looking for the definition of “out of touch,” look no further than North Whidbey Fire and Rescue, which just experienced an embarrassing levy… Continue reading

Editor’s Column: The more you save the more it costs

I owe you all an apology for the inflation we are experiencing, because every time I try to save money, it costs us all in… Continue reading

Editorial: Fill vacancies in public view

The new city of Oak Harbor administration is off to a shaky start with how it fills vacancies on the City Council. The public is… Continue reading

Editorial: A dangerous learning curve

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s new-found love affair with roundabouts is perhaps too optimistic.The DOT now favors a roundabout at the busy Sharpes Corner… Continue reading

Sound Off: Heading off a Keystone crisis

Central Whidbey leaders are hard at work trying to head off an impending crisis on the Keystone to Port Townsend ferry run this summer.With only… Continue reading

Sound Off: Thanks anyway for applying

High interest in Oak Harbor city government was revealed in February when an astounding nine individuals applied for an open City Council position. Most towns… Continue reading

Editorial: Welcome back, Crescent Harbor

Kudos to Whidbey Island Naval Air Station for once again opening the Crescent Harbor Marina to sailors and their families.It came as a shock a… Continue reading