Jim Larsen

Boatyard resumes work

The holidays were celebrated early in Freeland on Monday as 54 employees of Nichols Brothers Boat Builders returned to work.“It’s nice to hear the noise… Continue reading

Representative Strow’s move sparks rumors

Party chair has two jobs to help fill

Shuttle bus now in action

Coupeville merchants’ wishes were granted Friday when Washington State Ferries agreed to pay for Island Transit to bring Keystone foot ferry passengers directly to downtown… Continue reading


Continue reading

Auditor, state rep. posts up for grabs

The processes of finding a new auditor for Island County and new state representative for the 10th Legislative District are nearing conclusion.Republican Party leaders have… Continue reading

Candidate needed in auditor hunt

The search for the next Island County Auditor is on hold until Republicans can persuade a third candidate to apply.Party Chairwoman Kathy Jones said Friday… Continue reading

Party declaration required to vote

Only in the presidential primary Feb. 19

Sale saves Nichols Brothers

They’re celebrating in Freeland now that Nichols Brothers Boat Builders is hiring again after a Federal Bankruptcy Court on Friday approved the sale of the… Continue reading

Most willingly pick a party

Presidential primary requires declaration

Coin toss settles diking district race

A toss of a coin settled one race for Island County Diking District 3 commissioner.Two of the three seats on the board were up for… Continue reading

Seafaring Congressman visits Whidbey

A committed Navy man in the seafaring sense got a look at the Navy's aerial abilities during a tour of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station… Continue reading

Ferry building plan comes under fire

Tenth District Republican Senate Candidate Linda Haddon is trying to sink state plans to build a clone of the Steilacoom II ferry in favor of building a larger boat.

The Steilacoom II pulls into Keystone Harbor during calm seas. The water was much rougher April 15

A harrowing trip on the Steilacoom II

Whidbey Island politicians and business people have questioned the suitability of the Steilacoom II for the Keystone to Port Townend ferry route, but none have ridden the boat during heavy seas and told about it.

The Steilacoom II pulls into Keystone Harbor during calm seas. The water was much rougher April 15

Smith plays new role as incumbent

Enjoying the benefit of incumbency, Norma Smith is hot on the campaign trail pursuing her first election victory in a regional contest.

Fronted by a field of blooming wild mustard in Freund marsh

Oak Harbor, with mustard

Oak Harbor is a spicier place to live with a little mustard on it.

Fronted by a field of blooming wild mustard in Freund marsh

Phoned town hall will focus on state Sen. Haugen’s ferry role

They’ll be talking about her, so Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen will be listening in on the phone call. In a take on the old party line concept, up to 1,500 telephone users could be on the phone Wednesday, June 18, as a partisan group hosts a “Ferry Telephone Town Hall” to, in part, take Sen. Haugen to task for the role she has allegedly played in recent ferry troubles.

Haugen’s Oak Harbor office called political

A taxpayer-funded office in the heart of her election opponent’s territory has put State Sen. Marry Margaret Haugen under political fire.

Mr. Pundit answers your questions Editor’s column

Mr. Pundit receives more letters than he could ever hope to answer, so we’ll dispose of some of the answer here, free of charge.

Time to educate our island dogs Editor’s column

It’s embarrassing to have an uneducated dog. People come over and want to see the dog do some tricks and it just sits there with a stupid grin on its face hoping for a Milkbone that it hasn’t done anything to earn.

The days before weather started Editor’s column

Youth: Hey, old guy, what was it like before global warming? No matter what the weather these days, they blame it on global warming. Has it always been like this?