Looking Back: Rogue wave proves destructive to planned television broadcast

From the Oak Harbor News 100 years ago, in 1917:

n Lt. Gov. Hart took over the supervision of the military registration per Governor Lister’s request.

n Mrs. L.P. Byrne was caught unawares as she brought in some wood by a crowd of people that had “mysteriously gathered” in her home for a surprise birthday party.

n In the “Personal Notes of Local Interest” column, Miss Nuttfall was said to have fallen out of her automobile.

n Oak Leaf Meat Market put out a general advertisement titled, “If You Desire Choice Meats.” The ad offered steaks, chops and prime roasts.

From the Island County Farm Bureau News 75 years ago, in 1942:

n Gilbert Olsen received word that gas rationing had been cancelled for an interim month, which was received as “pleasant news” by local teachers, who had been recruited to sign people up on the last day of school.

n Island County raised $855.72 due to selling metal scraps as part of a drive for the material. The funds were set to go toward “buying defense equipment and necessary supplies” for the county.

n No churches or lodges were to be eligible for the sugar ration, despite multiple requests to that end.

n S&M Recreation advertised that in addition to bowling, customers should purchase U.S. war stamps and bonds in honor of Memorial Day.

From the Whidbey News-Times 50 years ago, in 1967:

n With 217 seniors set to walk in the ceremony, Oak Harbor High School saw its largest graduating class up until 1967.

n When broadcaster Ed Seier come to the island and attempted to film a special on halibut fishing, a rogue swell struck the boat, knocking over camera equipment and ultimately shattering the windshield.

n The Navy sought to take out bids for the construction of some fencing and “two small concrete-block buildings,” in addition to some well-drilling along the “Coupeville airstrip.”

n Bill’s Jiff-E Mart advertised 10 grapefruit for $1, eight bananas for $1 and five apples for $1.

From the Whidbey News-Times 25 years ago, in 1992:

n More than twice the number of Oak Harbor voters weighed in to pass the district’s first-ever school levy than turned out for the presidential primary.

n Write-in independent presidential candidate H. Ross Perot received 20 percent of the county’s presidential preference primary vote — enough to beat Bill Clinton in Island County.

n Phillip Baker, sixth grader at Langley Middle School, got into a bicycle accident, resulting in the loss of “almost half of his blood.” Two bus drivers saw Baker and got him to Whidbey General Hospital in time to save his life.

n Puget Sound GMC Truck Team Dealers out of Mount Vernon advertised a brand-new 1992 Sierra Club Coupe for $15,720.

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