Spartan Health Home Fitness Program Reviews – Proven Results or Fake Hype?

Numerous training programs are designed to help you shed weight, develop muscles, and maintain fitness. However, most are unrealistic, while others require you to invest in a training coach, gym membership, and workout equipment.

The Spartan Home Fitness protocol is an online program to help you accomplish your body goals. Is the training program worth the hype? Can it help you get into shape?

What is the Spartan Home Fitness Training Program?

Spartan Health Fitness protocol is a digital program that can help you achieve your ideal body. The training program aids the users in unleashing various hormones that help them develop muscles, shed weight, and stay fit.

Unlike most workout programs, the Spartan Home Fitness system promises to help you achieve your body goals within nine weeks. The 18-minute hormonal blueprint gives customers the required movements to gain muscles, shed fat, and improve their feminine physique.

Spartan Home Fitness provides users with tactics for unlocking their incredible physique using unique and challenging activities. In addition, the program incorporates a healthy diet to ensure you gain long-lasting and realistic muscle gains while burning fat.

According to Oliver Bates, the Spartan Home Fitness program has helped thousands of men and women. It is safe, straightforward, and research-based. You can follow the 18-minute workouts at home without using gym equipment.

How Does The Spartan Health Home Fitness Program Work?

Hormonal issues can affect your body’s ability to lose weight, develop muscles, or remain fit. Spartan Home Fitness protocol is a hormone-based training program intended to assist you in attaining the body you deserve. The program is purportedly research-based and has undergone extensive testing.

Unlike similar programs, Spartan Home Fitness unlocks multiple hormones that burn visceral and stubborn fat, boost muscle tone, and transform your overall physique. Oliver Bates markets the workout routine to men and women. Regular training routines can help you control your appetite, maintain a healthy body, and shed weight.

Spartan Home Fitness can allegedly fix three “Goddess” hormones, including:


Also known as the Peter Pan Hormone, the chemical can help you maintain youthful energy, radiant skin, and mind-blowing hair. The Spartan Home Fitness hormonal bodybuilding can surge Somatropin in the body by 452%. Consequently, users will likely notice better skin, body, and hair results.


Experts warn that unmanaged ghrelin levels can cause uncontrolled cravings and hunger. Naturally, the brain triggers the secretion of the hormone as a natural response to low glucose levels and appetite. After feeding, the brain produces the satiety hormone and shuts down ghrelin production.

Spartan Home Fitness can train the brain to release the desired hunger hormone. The hormone can alleviate your goals of shedding weight or achieving your body’s goals. Implementing the exercise routines can balance ghrelin levels.


The hormone is crucial in converting stubborn fat into minute fat-burning units. It can help the body create more energy. Further, it can minimize the production of new fat cells by over 60%. Increased Irisin levels help in transforming white-resistant fat into brown adipose fat. The hormone has the potential to accelerate fat loss and increase energy production.

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What is Inside Oliver Bates Spartan Health Home Fitness Program

Spartan Home Fitness


Spartan Home Fitness is an exceptional hormonal workout protocol that can transform your body positively. Following the system can enable you to melt away stubborn pounds of fat. The 18-minute workout system can build and reveal your sexy muscle toe, making fat storage almost impossible.

Attaining and maintaining a healthy, lean figure with Spartan Home Fitness is possible. The creator suggests the 18-minute workouts are simple and easy to implement. Exercising three times a week for at least nine weeks can help you develop a lean physique naturally.

According to Oliver Bates, Spartan Home Fitness can balance various hormones, including cortisol, hunger, and thyroid chemicals. The 18-minute workouts can develop your skin tone, moods, energy levels, and ability to burn fat naturally.

Spartan Home Fitness does not require users to engage in long cardio exercises or follow restrictive diets to attain desired body goals. You can implement Oliver Bates aerobics at home without using any equipment. The 18-minute workouts can purportedly work on people of different weights and ages. The system can help you realize your desired body within a short time.

The 9-Week Hormonal Jumpstart


Hormones are essential chemicals that aid the body in maintaining a healthy hemostatic balance. Unstable hormones make weight loss challenging. The 9-Week Hormonal Jumpstart educates the users on releasing the three Goddess hormones, including ghrelin, Irisin, and Somatropin. The protocol provides a simple method of rapidly performing hormonal workouts without inhibitions.

The 9-Week Hormonal Jumpstart contains 27 fun and fast-paced movements proven to yield quality results in under nine weeks. All the Spartan Home Fitness exercises are ideal for women and men of all ages.

According to Oliver Bates, the 9-week Hormonal jumpstart can help you develop strength and boost your gains. Customers are unlikely to experience tiredness and other adverse effects of exercising. You must invest a few minutes daily to perform the hormone-balancing routines.

Spartan Fitness “User’s Manual”


Some workouts can flatten your breasts instead of making them firmer. Oliver Bates claims the Spartan Fitness “User’s Manual” educates the users on how to tone their bodies without losing their feminine curves. The spot reduction treatment is easy to follow and takes minimal time. The Spartan Home Fitness program claims to help you strengthen, tone, and trim your legs.

A menstrual period can affect your workouts. The Spartan Fitness “User’s Manual” teaches women effective methods of modifying exercises during their period. Simple movements alleviate the discomfort from menstrual cramping, balance moods, and lower cravings.

Water retention and swelling can affect your workout goals. The simple Spartan Fitness “User’s Manual” routine involves a unique “exercise tweak” to boost blood flow and fluid circulation in your feet.

The Spartan Home Fitness educates users on a “Hot-Cold” technique to trigger weight loss and support your body sculpting goals.

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Spartan Health Home Fitness Program Bonuses


Video Workouts with Oliver Bates: The bonus includes simple video aerobics that can assist you in performing all the sculpting, toning, and reinforcing workouts. Oliver Bates recommends watching and copying each of the movements. She demonstrates the exact exercise method, diminishing the risk of developing injuries.

Oliver Bates cites that the video series is simple yet effective in combating stubborn fat and increasing strength. Customers will find the short videos practical and safe.

Spartan Buttocks: The program is customizable and perfect for gym enthusiasts looking to gain toned, rounded, and lifted. The creator suggests that Spartan Buttocks can aid users in developing head-turning, firm, and attractive buttocks.

The program makes women feel proud and comfortable after wearing a swimsuit or jeans. Customers can rapidly achieve their ideal body goals with other aerobics under Spartan Home Fitness.

The Belly-Flattening Protocol: Most females complain of annoying and chronic abdominal bloating. The Belly-Flattening Protocol can combat the “balloon” feeling on the abdomen. Further, the movements make the waist appear appealing and evenly toned. The program creator, Alessandra Amori, shares tips, recipes, and information on quickly gaining a flat and toned stomach.

Facebook Group: The Spartan Home Fitness Facebook group contains members with similar likes and goals. It is purportedly an ideal place for individuals looking to regain their form and health. From the group, customers can find motivation, positivity, advice, and answers to any questions concerning Spartan Home Fitness. In addition, members share healthy recipes that can amplify your body goals.

Spartan Home Fitness: your key to a fit lifestyle!

Spartan Health Home Fitness Program Pricing and Guarantee

Customers can buy Spartan Home Fitness only through the official website for $67. Oliver Bates states the program is currently retailing at discounted rates. Clients get four gifts and other bonuses after paying for the Spartan Home Fitness program.

Customers have up to 180 days to test the effectiveness of the Spartan Home Fitness program. Unsatisfied clients can request a refund within the stated time. However, the money-back guarantee applies only to clients buying the Oliver Bates program through the official website. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: support@spartanhealth.com

Spartan Health Home Fitness Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Spartan Home Fitness Hormonal Workouts Ideal for Everyone?

A: Oliver Bates suggests that the workouts are simple and ideal for anyone looking to enhance their sculpt and shed weight. All the resources under the program are simplified, and you can decide your starting level depending on your needs and experience.

Q: Can I Perform the Spartan Home Fitness Exercise at Home?

A: The Spartan Home Fitness workouts can be performed at home without gym equipment. They are short and well-detailed. Still, Oliver Bates warns the results depend on consistency.

Q: Is the Spartan Home Fitness Accessible via a Smartphone

A: Yes, Spartan Home Fitness is a digital program you can access using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Oliver Bates states that the free bonus videos are compatible with your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Final Word on The Spartan Health Home Fitness Program

The Spartan Home Fitness is a comprehensive training program designed to augment your physical health and attain your desired body shape. The hormonal exercise routines are straightforward, safe, and research-based. The system combines innovative strategies to accelerate your workout goals, including hormonal regulation, lifestyle modification, and aerobics. You can purchase Spartan Home Fitness only through the official website at reasonable discounts.


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