Sound Off:How best to declaw a cat

Cats are cool! Not unlike dogs, many times cats are man’s best friend. They welcome our love and affection. They make us laugh and keep… Continue reading

  • Jan 27, 2007

Editorial: Pier backers earn support

The Oak Harbor pier project appears to be on the ropes, but city leaders owe it to a cadre of hard working pier supporters to… Continue reading

  • Jan 24, 2007

Editorial: Illegal vote cost plenty

An Oak Harbor woman paid a high price for what she must have considered a simple act of kindness for her daughter.Her daughter was living… Continue reading

  • Jan 24, 2007

Sound Off:Legislature faces challenges

In Washington, the start of the new year also brings on the beginning of a new legislative session in Olympia. This year’s session began Jan.… Continue reading

  • Jan 20, 2007

Sound Off: Police are here to help

This is a response to W. Cope’s letter to the editor of Jan. 10 titled, “Where were the storm troopers?”I am a sergeant with the… Continue reading

  • Jan 20, 2007

Sound Off: Costco better than condos

In the opinion dated Jan. 3, the editor commented on sales tax money that is leaving the area and tax equalization. My reply:In the first… Continue reading

  • Jan 20, 2007

Editorial: Board defends voters’ rights

Island County Canvassing Board members stood up for the voters last week when they complained about new state rules that tie their hands at vote-counting… Continue reading

  • Jan 17, 2007

Editorial: Spread our native plants

Whidbey Islanders would be wise to take advantage of the annual native plant sale sponsored by the Whidbey Island Conservation District.The district is taking orders… Continue reading

  • Jan 17, 2007

Sound Off: Racism lesson learned early

I was lucky to grow up in Oak Harbor here in the Pacific Northwest. Because it’s a military town, having people around me of different… Continue reading

  • Jan 13, 2007

Sound Off: 2-year schools spark growth

The link between education and economic development has become increasingly clear. Together, they are now issues critical to Washington’s families, according to Gov. Chris Gregoire.… Continue reading

  • Jan 13, 2007

Editorial: New faces always welcome

The changing of the guard at the Island County Courthouse always promises a fresh start and new opportunities.Newly elected county officials are now on the… Continue reading

  • Jan 10, 2007

Where the happy people reside

During times of war, pestilence and TV reruns, it’s inspiring to find a genuinely happy group of people who are glad to be alive, enthusiastic… Continue reading

  • Jan 10, 2007

How about meeting us?

Puget Sound Energy held a well-publicized meeting in eastern King County last week to explain their response to the big December windstorm in that area,… Continue reading

  • Jan 10, 2007

Sound Off: We all know a hero or two

Most heroes live and work among us without much notice. But we all know who they are.The Island County Community Health Advisory Board is again… Continue reading

  • Jan 6, 2007

Editorial: Plug sales tax leakage

The economic development community has a new catch phrase it’s been bandying about in recent months: sales tax leakage.Such leakage occurs when Island County residents… Continue reading

  • Jan 3, 2007

Editorial: Wildcat TV boosts holidays

Oak Harbor High School Wildcat TV students did an outstanding job over the holidays in helping to bring the school and the community closer together.Many… Continue reading

  • Jan 3, 2007

Holiday cold strategy falls short

It was a simple goal: Experience Christmas without the accompaniment of a bad cold as had happened the previous few years. It’s no fun sniffing… Continue reading

  • Jan 3, 2007