Sound Off: Growth beliefs mostly myths

We need to bring in business to bring down taxes. This development will give us jobs. Environmental protection will hurt the economy. Growth is good… Continue reading

  • Jul 7, 2007

Sound Off: New county septic rules costly

Just because the state mandates something it doesn’t automatically mean that it is necessary, right, or reasonable. It is more likely to be designed to… Continue reading

  • Jul 7, 2007

Editorial: Big claim hurts credibility

Even to an insurance company, $300,000 isn’t peanuts. And the fact that Island County’s insurance group paid that much to settle an employee’s claim against… Continue reading

  • Jul 4, 2007

Editorial: Welcome to Whidbey Island

Visitors to Whidbey Island from the north end have a fantastic new welcome thanks to those involved with the impressive collective effort to mount an… Continue reading

  • Jul 4, 2007

Sound Off: Beware of costly septic program

The Island County Health Department is promoting a massive inspection and reporting program to solve alleged pollution of Puget Sound by failed septic systems. This… Continue reading

  • Jun 30, 2007

Sound Off: Voting changes starting now

Voting in Island County is changing. Earlier this year, with the recommendation of myself, the Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution declaring that all… Continue reading

  • Jun 30, 2007

Editorial: County roads up to state

Island County should look to the state for more money to maintain its county roads.The Legislature has imposed two hefty gas tax hikes in recent… Continue reading

  • Jun 27, 2007

Editorial: Crazy time arrives again

The founders of this great nation might have been amused at the craziness that presently surrounds Independence Day in the land of the free.The Fourth… Continue reading

  • Jun 27, 2007

Sound Off: A lesson on freedom from Vietnam

Today I sold my ‘92 Honda Accord to a man who recently became a U.S. citizen, along with his family, legally. We rode together from… Continue reading

  • Jun 23, 2007

Editorial: Help keep farming alive

Farming in Island County isn’t what it once was, but that doesn’t mean it has no future. It’s good to see that farmers are getting… Continue reading

  • Jun 20, 2007

Editorial: Taking stock of ourselves

What is Oak Harbor’s destiny? In the coming weeks, candidates for mayor and city council should give some deep thought to answering this question.To many,… Continue reading

  • Jun 20, 2007

Sound Off: Don’t fragment island’s habitat

Whidbey Environmental Action Network has appealed Oak Harbor’s attempt to expand its Urban Growth Area (UGA). Amazingly, the Island County Planning Department has determined that… Continue reading

  • Jun 16, 2007

Sound Off: A soldier in Iraq gets his say

In the paper dated May 30, William Ludlow writes that “the media never shows what the men and women in the military have to say… Continue reading

  • Jun 16, 2007

Editorial: Summertime vote tested

Oak Harbor and Coupeville voters are fortunate to be among the first statewide to test the new August primary election date.Most jurisdictions don’t have three… Continue reading

  • Jun 13, 2007

Sound Off: Helping with growing pains

Graduation is in the air. Conversations about this transition abound:… Continue reading

  • Jun 9, 2007

Editorial: New ferries needed quickly

We trust that Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, the Democrat from Camano Island who chairs the powerful Senate Transportation Committee, will keep pressuring the Legislature and… Continue reading

  • Jun 6, 2007

Editorial: Good luck, and thanks a lot

A community is always proud when another class graduates from its high school, but for the Class of 2007 at Oak Harbor High School, we… Continue reading

  • Jun 6, 2007

Sound Off: Tough league, but we did well

This is in response to sports editor Tim Adams’ column in the May 26 Whidbey News-Times, “No good, just bad and ugly.”Mr. Adams, in your… Continue reading

  • Jun 2, 2007

Sound Off: Community should be ashamed

On Memorial Day every year the three veterans organizations hold a memorial service both at the Maple Leaf Cemetery in Oak Harbor and Sunnyside in… Continue reading

  • Jun 2, 2007

Editorial: Filing time has arrived

The announcement that Oak Harbor Mayor Patty Cohen will not run for re-election gives added impetus to the need for qualified candidates for a host… Continue reading

  • May 30, 2007