St. Clair and Hazelo move on to Nov. 8

The candidates for the Island County Board of commissioners were narrowed in the primary election.

Updated: The candidates for a seat on the Island County Board of commissioners were narrowed to incumbent Janet St. Clair and challenger Tim Hazelo in the Aug. 2 primary election.

In races affecting Whidbey Island residents, Democrats and incumbents did especially well. As of Thursday evening, the Island County Election Office reported that 22,671 ballots have been counted and an estimated 8,000 are left to count.

So far, St. Clair, a Democrat, received 3,513 votes, or 50%, and Hazelo has 2,622 ballots cast in his favor, which is just over 37%. The third candidate, Republican former commissioner Rick Hannold, got 861 votes, or just over 12%.

Hazelo said in an email that he has a challenging race ahead but expects support from Hannold.

“The majority of the nation is done with feel-good policy that helps nobody and costs us all,” he said. “From moderate Democrats to independents I have been hearing that we need to find solutions that have an actual positive outcome.”

While nobody was eliminated in the two races for District 10 state representatives, the results may be seen as foreshadowing.

Clyde Shavers, a Democrat from Oak Harbor, received about 53% of the vote so far while the Republican incumbent, Rep. Greg Gilday of Stanwood, has nearly 47%.

In the other race, incumbent Rep. Dave Paul, a Democrat from Oak Harbor, won more than 55% of the vote while his Republican challenger, Karen Lesetmoe of Oak Harbor, got about 44%.

Likewise, no candidates were eliminated in county races besides the commissioner contest, but the results may show a trend.

In the race for the county’s top law enforcement official, Sheriff Rick Felici, a Republican, received about 62% of the vote and challenger Lane Campbell, also a Republican, got nearly 38%.

In the contest to be the next county assessor, Theodore Kubisiak, unaffiliated, and Kelly Mauck, a Republican, look like they have a tight race. Kubisiak has about 50.5% and Mauck has 49.5%.

In the race to be the next treasurer, Tony Lam, a Democrat, has nearly 59% and Richard MacQuarrie, a Republican, has over 41%.

Longtime county Auditor Sheilah Crider, a Republican, received nearly 54% of the vote and challenger Barbara Fuller, a Democrat, has more than 46%.

Longtime county Clerk Debra Van Pelt, a Democrat, won 63% and Dierdre Butler, who states no party preference, has nearly 37%.

In the race for U.S. representative in District 2, it appears that incumbent Rep. Rick Larsen, a Democrat, and Dan Matthews, a Republican, will continue in the race. Larsen currently has nearly 47% of the vote and Matthews has more than 17%.

In the contest for the U.S. Senate, incumbent Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat, has 53% and Tiffany Smiley, a Republican, has 33%.