Spring welcoming drum circle set for fairgrounds

The Whidbey Island Fairgrounds is all set to host an Equinox Drum Circle on Tuesday, March 19 to celebrate the arrival of spring. The event starts at 7 p.m. and will be a family-friendly celebration of rhythm, joy and togetherness. The Equinox Drum Circle is open to all ages and abilities. Participants are encouraged to bring their drums or any other noisemakers to join in the fun.

The drum circle will be loosely facilitated by experienced drummer, community organizer and band leader, David Stern. Even those with minimal experience are welcome to participate.

“We’re thrilled to bring this family-funky event to our community,” said Stern. “It’s a great opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the arrival of spring with music and joy.”

Rain or shine, the event will take place at Fiddle Faddle Farm at the Fairgrounds.

This is a great opportunity for participants to experience playing music with others for the first time. So come and join your friends and neighbors at Whidbey Island Fairgrounds on Tuesday, March 19 to bid farewell to winter and welcome spring with a celebration. For more information, contact Stern at FGEvents@PortofSouthWhidbey.com.