Man injured in high-speed chase with Oak Harbor police

A high-speed police chase in Oak Harbor Saturday night ended with a rollover crash.

A high-speed police chase in Oak Harbor Saturday night ended with a rollover crash, according to Oak Harbor Police Chief Tony Slowik.

The driver, 27-year-old Angel Guina Jr., was transported to the hospital with injuries but released the next day. He was then arrested for assaulting his mother in the police station, Slowik said.

The chief explained that an officer was driving on Oak Harbor Road at about 10:30 p.m. and saw a Toyota Camry traveling in the dark without lights on. The officer tried to conduct a traffic stop but the car sped away at high speed.

The officer suspected that the driver was under the influence based on erratic driving, so he pursued the car. Under new state law, police are permitted to pursue suspected drunk drivers.

The car went into the ditch off Oak Harbor Road. The driver backed into the patrol car and then continued at high speed with the officer in pursuit. The chase continued on Ault Field Road, where the car went into a ditch again, this time flipping over, Slowik said.

First responders initially called the Life Flight helicopter to respond, but it turned out that Guina’s injuries weren’t as serious as suspected. He was transported to Island Hospital in Anacortes for treatment.

The car belonged to Guina’s family, according to police.

The next day, Guina was released from the hospital, and his mother drove him to the Oak Harbor police station to pick up some property. Guina got upset while he was there, pushed his mother and was arrested for gross misdemeanor assault, according to Slowik.

Officers are concerned that Guina may have mental health problems, the chief said.

Guina will also face charges related to the car chase and suspected DUI; his blood was drawn for testing at the hospital, the police said.