Moneyball Sector Alpha: Farmageddon & Biden Resignation Review (Andrew Zatlin)

Moneyball Economics has launched a new marketing campaign for Sector Alpha featuring a warning about an upcoming event called “Farmageddon” that could lead to Joe Biden’s resignation.

By subscribing to Sector Alpha today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and guides explaining how to navigate the upcoming crisis – and potentially profit from it.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Moneyball’s Sector Alpha, the new Farmageddon warning, and how to take action today in our review.


What is Sector Alpha?

Sector Alpha is a monthly financial newsletter published by Moneyball Economics.

The recently-launched newsletter aims to provide subscribers with two key pieces of information each month, including:

The top 4 sectors of the market

Four specific ETFs to trade to position yourself to potentially profit from these sectors

Sector Alpha focuses on sectors – not individual companies or hot stock recommendations. Instead of recommending one mining company to buy today to triple your returns, for example, Sector Alpha may recommend an all-in-one mining company ETF.

Here’s how Moneyball Economics explains the decision to focus on sectors instead of specific stocks:

“…according to seminal research conducted by Thomas Dorsey and published by Bloomberg, sector and market conditions account for 80% of the movement of a stock price.”

It’s difficult for individual investors to identify the top sectors and make money trading them. That’s where Sector Alpha wants to help.

An annual subscription to Sector Alpha is priced at $299. All subscriptions are backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

How Sector Alpha Works

Sector Alpha aims to identify the top 4 sectors of the market, then recommend the best trades to make in those sectors.

The trick, of course, is to identify the top sectors of the market.

Each month, Sector Alpha’s Andrew Zatlin analyzes massive amounts of hiring data across 10 industries and sectors. He looks for industries with the highest rates of accelerated hiring. Then, he recommends investing in these sectors.

Andrew’s information gathering system is proprietary. He’s been using the system to inform his trades for the past 12 years. He claims some of the world’s top hedge funds pay him significant sums of money for this information. It also a patent-pending proprietary system, suggesting it’s particularly unique compared to other trading models.

Andrew’s investment system has purportedly outperformed the S&P 500 since its inception. It’s one reason why Bloomberg picked Andrew as the #1 analyst for Jobs Forecasting, ahead of analysts at major Wall Street institutions.

Today, you don’t need to be a billion-dollar hedge fund to access Andrew’s trading information; instead, you just need to subscribe to Sector Alpha. Each month, you’ll receive specific information about the top 4 sectors of the market and 4 specific ETFs to trade in those sectors for maximum potential profits.

Farmageddon and Joe Biden’s Potential Resignation

According to a dramatic new presentation from Andrew Zatlin and the Moneyball Economics team, Joe Biden could resign in the next 30 days due to an upcoming event called “Farmageddon.”

Here’s how Andrew introduces the potential upcoming crisis:

“Your life savings and standard of living are facing disaster because of this new crisis. Here’s what to do, right now…”

According to Andrew, the upcoming Farmageddon will break Biden’s administration. It will be a bigger deal than rising gas prices, midterms, and any potential health or cognitive problems Biden may be facing.

No, Andrew isn’t talking about inflation, nor is he talking about Biden’s dismal poll numbers; instead, Biden’s next crisis will come from food shortages:

“According to my forecast, nothing can stop this issue now. The die is cast. This issue is already moving full-speed ahead. Soon, it could mutate into a full-bore disaster for America. What’s this global disaster in the making? It’s food shortages.”

Andrew claims many popular foods will disappear from shelves in the next 30 days, including pasta, meat, eggs, and bread.

Food shortages don’t occur overnight. You’ll notice a few items missing on the next trip to the grocery store. You’ll see more and more empty shelves. Eventually, however, as food shortages worsen, it will become a full-blown food crisis.

It’s all part of an upcoming event Andrew calls Farmageddon. When Farmageddon occurs, it will create a huge food crisis for the United States – and it could end Biden’s administration and wreak socioeconomic havoc across the United States.

How Farmageddon Works

According to Andrew, America’s farmers are not producing enough food right now.

So far, this issue has been hidden because we have enough food stockpiled. However, starting around this harvest time, our farmers will not be producing enough food to keep up with demand.

Some of the issues linked to Farmageddon include:

Record High Prices of Fertilizer: The cost of fertilizer is higher than ever. Farmers are paying more to fertilize their soil than at any point in the past. This makes it increasingly expensive to grow food.

Rising Wheat Prices: The price of wheat is up almost 100% in a year and a half. Wheat is found in a surprising number of foods – from obvious foods like bread and pasta to most processed foods on store shelves.

Food Prices Spiking Worldwide: Food prices have spiked in the United States and around the world. The last time food prices spiked this high was in 2011. In 2011, we saw food riots, revolutions, terrorism, and war. Soybeans are up 60% in the last year, for example, while corn is up 50%.

All of these factors combine into Farmageddon for farmers, making it increasingly difficult and expensive to grow food. This problem will continue to get worse, which will eventually lead to a global food shortage.

Farmageddon Flashpoints

Andrew believes the world is experiencing several Farmageddon flashpoints that will increase the severity of the next food crisis.

Those flashpoints include:

Farmageddon Flashpoint #1: The War in Ukraine: Ukraine and Russia are the breadbasket for much of Europe, Africa, and Asia. In an average year, the two countries produce roughly 30% of global wheat exports. Half of Africa’s wheat comes from Russia or Ukraine, and other nations are heavily dependent on the two countries. Because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, roughly one-third of the country’s farmlands may not be cultivated this year, which could create a significant shortage.

Farmageddon Flashpoint #2: The World is Running Out of Fertilizer: Fertilizer costs are higher than ever – and the shortage is getting worse. Fertilizer costs have risen 300%, and some farmers are paying 12% to 17% higher fertilizer prices each year. Andrew sees rising fertilizer costs as another flashpoint in Farmageddon. If farmers can’t afford to buy fertilizer, then they can’t afford to grow food. Farms are failing in record numbers because of the rising cost of everything – including fertilizer.

Farmageddon Flashpoint #3: Bad Weather, Shortages, and Disease Create a Perfect Storm: Andrew believes the world’s farmers are facing a “perfect storm” of converging conditions. There’s a bird flu going around, for example, that is impacting chickens and turkeys. Farmers are being forced to kill millions of egg-laying hens. Bad weather, is also worsening things: approximately 50% of the continental United States is expected to experience drought conditions in the coming months. Meanwhile, higher energy prices, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions are making it even more expensive to transport goods around the world.

Because of these three flashpoints and other factors, Andrew believes Farmageddon will wreak havoc on the global food supply and mark the end of Biden’s administration.

You Could Profit from Farmageddon and the Food Crisis

Why is Andrew telling you about Farmageddon and the upcoming food crisis? He believes investors could make money by making the right moves in the leadup to Farmageddon.

In fact, the last time similar market conditions occurred, investors could have earned 173% to 977% returns on their investment, according to Andrew. One stock called Mosaic (MOS), for example, went up 977% during the food crisis of 2008. If you can identify a similar stock today, you could earn huge returns on investment.

By subscribing to Sector Alpha today, you can discover the specific steps Andrew recommends taking in the leadup to the food crisis.

Andrew discusses each of the steps below in more detail in his guide. However, the basic steps he recommends taking to survive Farmageddon and the food crisis include:

Step 1) Stock Up on Food Right Now: Food shortages are already here, and the shortages will get worse. That’s why Andrew recommends stockpiling food today. He recommends gathering a 6 month supply of food to keep your family safe as food shortages occur. If you can afford to buy a 12 month supply, then you should buy even more. Invest in a freezer to stock up on frozen food. Buy non-perishable food items like canned foods, pasta, and peanut butter. As prices go up and shortages continue, you’ll wish you had stockpiled food when it was cheap and plentiful.

Step 2) Make a Simple Investment Move ASAP: Next, Andrew recommends making a simple investment move ASAP. This investment move lets you invest directly in the wealth created by Farmageddon with a simple move. The investment is up 31% year to date. The specific investment is the Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF, better-known under the ticker symbol PDBC. PDBC gives you broad exposure to the world’s most popular commodities, including commodities that will skyrocket in value because of Farmageddon.

Step 3) Invest in the Farmageddon Wealth Boom: Finally, invest directly into the Farmageddon and generational wealth boom. Andrew believes we’ll see a generational wealth boom from Farmageddon. By subscribing to Sector Alpha today, you get a bonus report called Farmageddon: Six Ways to Get Rich From The Global Food Crisis, where Andrew outlines everything you need to know about profiting from Farmageddon. Some of the investment opportunities in the space include:

  • Commodity futures trading
  • Commodity options
  • Stocks
  • Stock options
  • ETFs

In Andrew’s guide, he makes this information simple to follow. Just walk through Andrew’s steps to potentially profit during the next food crisis.

As one example, Andrew has identified a small, under-the-radar pesticide company he believes could grow 1,000%. He also recommends making a special “backdoor” investment into John Deere that could deliver gains of 300% or more.

What’s Included with Sector Alpha?

By subscribing to Sector Alpha today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and guides to help you navigate through the upcoming Farmageddon and food crisis.


In addition to receiving monthly issues of Sector Alpha, you receive guides on navigating the food crisis and potentially making profit during the food crisis.

Here’s what is included:

Monthly Issues of Sector Alpha: Sector Alpha is Andrew Zatlin’s new advisory service. Each month, Andrew identifies four rising sectors and the best ETFs to play those sectors. Andrew uses his proprietary analysis system, which involves checking hiring data across multiple sectors, to determine which sectors are growing fastest this month. By investing in ETFs that track these sectors, investors could earn a return on their investment.

Bonus Report #1: Farmageddon: Six Ways to Get Rich From The Global Food Crisis: Andrew Zatlin believes we’re approaching “Farmageddon,” an event that will cause global food shortages and mark the end of Joe Biden’s presidency. However, by taking action today, you could protect your wealth and make money during the upcoming crisis. As part of a 2022 promotion, all Sector Alpha subscriptions come with a free issue of Farmageddon: Six Ways to Get Rich From The Global Food Crisis. You can discover moneymaking strategies – like commodities ETFs and options trading – to help you earn huge potential returns as the food crisis unfolds.

Bonus Report #2: How to Get Rich From The “ITL Boom”: In this report, Andrew explains how investors could earn money by taking advantage of the ITL boom. The “ITL boom” refers to an activity going from “Illegal to Legal.” The guide explains how you can get rich as sports betting moves from illegal to legal. The last time there was an ITL boom like this, investors could have earned returns of 135,614%. There have only been two ITL booms in the last century. The first, in the 1930s, created the family fortunes of the Kennedy and Bush families. The second ITL boom in the early 2010s helped millions of Americans become millionaires. Now, Andrew believes we’re about to enter a third ITL boom. N this guide, Andrew explains how to take advantage of the ITL boom.

Bonus Gift: The Moneyball Trader’s Playbook: This playbook explains Andrew’s unique approach to investing, including how he uses Moneyball-style trading strategies to beat the returns of the S&P 500.

Sector Alpha Pricing

Sector Alpha is priced at $99 to $149 for a 12-month subscription, depending on your subscription option. Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordering online today:

Basic Offer ($99 for 12 Month Subscription)

  • Includes 12-month digital subscription to Sector Alpha

Premium Offer ($149 for 12 Month Subscription)

  • Includes 12-month digital subscription to Sector Alpha
  • Includes bonus reports

Very Best Offer ($149 for 12 Month Subscription)

  • Includes 12-month digital subscription to Sector Alpha
  • Includes bonus reports + extra bonus reports
  • Includes premium customer service
  • Normally priced at $299 per year, but discounted to $149 per year for special 2022 promotion

All subscriptions renew at the listed price every year until you cancel. If you buy the Very Best Offer today, for example, then you’ll renew at a price of $149 – even though the ordinary price is $299 per year.

Sector Alpha Refund Policy

Sector Alpha is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with your subscription for any reason within the first 30 days, then contact the company’s customer service team, and you’ll receive a complete refund. You can even keep the bonus reports as a thanks for trying the service.

About Moneyball Economics

Moneyball Economics is a Hunt Valley, Maryland-based financial publishing company. Led by Andrew Zatlin, the “Moneyball Economist,” the company publishes a range of free and paid newsletters online.

Much of Moneyball Economics’ trading recommendations are based on Andrew’s “oddball” proprietary economic analysis systems.

With Sector Alpha, for example, Andrew analyzes hiring data across multiple sectors to determine which sectors are rising fastest. Meanwhile, Andrew’s “Vice Index” tracks drug sales, prostitution, and gambling to inform his investment recommendations.

Major Moneyball Economics newsletters include Sector Alpha and Moneyball Daily.

You can contact Moneyball Economics via the following:

Phone: (844) 969-4125

Online Form: https://www.moneyballeconomics.com/page/contact-us

Mailing Address: 201 International Circle, Suite 110, Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Final Word

Moneyball Economics has launched a new financial newsletter called Sector Alpha.

Led by Andrew Zatlin, the newsletter uses unique, proprietary trading tools to identify sector-level opportunities and the best sector-wide ETFs for investors to buy.

As part of a 2022 promotion, all Sector Alpha subscriptions come with bonus reports about profiting during the upcoming food crisis. Andrew calls the food crisis “Farmageddon,” claiming it will lead to Joe Biden’s resignation in as little as 30 days.

To learn more about Sector Alpha or to subscribe to the newsletter today, visit the official website at TheSectorAlpha.com.