Erase My Back Pain by Emily Lark Review – Neck & Shoulder Relief?

Emily Lark, a registered yoga teacher, is the creator of Back To Life. The system is an updated healthy back system that assists in bringing your body back to life by helping you to discover natural ways that you can use to relieve pain.

The Back To Life system works by addressing the root cause of your pain. With it, you’ll no longer need to rely on useless techniques and treatments which take up much of your time without alleviating the pain in your body.

The Back To Life system relies on various therapeutic techniques to unlock your body’s natural strength. In the process, you attain optimal support and develop a more robust and well-toned core.

A Detailed Look at the Back To Life System

At its most basic, you can view the Back To Life as a cost-effective holistic treatment solution. Its creator has designed it to help eliminate the chronic back pain experienced by most young and older people.

Emily has included various stretches and movements that will allow your body to reduce the stiffness present in the muscles and offer stress relief after alleviating back pain. The official website indicates that the tools you need to benefit from this system are easy to use.

Additionally, they will help you to obtain relief within a matter of minutes. The creator states that the plan is designed to help you save time and money while allowing you to resume an active lifestyle.

During the review process, we learned that the Back To Life system would help your body return to its natural state of physical alignment. With time, you’ll feel healthier, full of energy, and completely revitalized.

Your immune system will continue to become stronger as you practice the stretches and movements recommended by Emily. Other benefits that come with practicing the recommendations advanced in this system include:

Stress Release: Emily has designed the Back To Life system to eliminate any lactic acid that may have started to build up in your body. As this happens, your body will benefit from short-term tissue relaxation, allowing it to become stress-free. Some of these exercises can assist in regulating the release of certain harmful hormones which have been proven to cause adverse effects in the body.

Better Mood Levels: Several studies published online have indicated that chronic back pain can lead to reduced serotonin production. Serotonin is commonly known as the “happy hormone” as it assists in calming your brain and in elevating your mood levels. Reduced production means you’re likely to become easily aggravated and moody.

It Helps Increase Your Energy Levels Naturally: Emily is confident that individuals who follow her recommendations in this system will get a chance to regain their youthfulness. The stretches and exercises will enable them to become agile, slimmer, and with better postures.

Back To Life Has a Holistic Design: Though the primary aim of this system is to help its users improve the efficiency of their spinal cords, the system also helps them straighten other areas of their bodies. Back To Life has been seen to work well for calves, muscles, and thighs.

What Does the Back To Life System Entail?

The Back To Life system has three phases that work together to unlock your body’s natural alignment, stimulating its intrinsic vitality. Individuals using this system will need to watch several video demonstrations.

These demonstrations are of the healing movements they need to practice to obtain back pain relief. Provided you follow these movements as shown, you should experience back pain relief within a short period.

You’ll also benefit from increased balance, better flexibility, and enhanced functional strength. Emily has prescribed a series of exercise routines as part of the Back To Life system, which includes:

  • A 10-minute workout you can perform while seated. They are easy exercises you can efficiently perform at home, without visiting a gym.
  • Specific core exercises are designed to tighten the muscles in your stomach while also helping boost your spinal cord’s innate strength.
  • A detailed exercise designed to help slow down the progression of sciatica and other back-related problems.
  • Natural pain relief exercises will assist in eliminating any pain that may have accumulated in your back, neck, hip, and shoulder regions.
  • Simple, gentle stretching motions inspired by yoga movements have been shown to assist in relieving stress and tension throughout the body. These motions will eliminate any stress that may have accumulated in your ligaments, muscles, and tissues.

Pricing and Availability

The Back To Life system is only available for sale on its official website. At the time of writing, two purchase options are available:

  • Digital Download Only at $37
  • Digital Download + Physical Products at $37 plus shipping and handling fees

A 60-day money-back guarantee helps protect both purchase options. You can contact customer service with questions via email at support@backtolifesystem.com or by telephone at 1-800-390-6035.