American Institute for Crypto Investors Review (AICI Membership) Anthony Scaramucci, Mike Ward, Tom Gentile

In a recent interview, Money Morning CEO Mike Ward spoke with experienced investor Anthony Scaramucci about market sentiment, the state of the world economy, and much to our surprise, cryptocurrency. Anthony is not a person who would have been connected to the cryptosphere given his three decades of success in the traditional financial markets. He even described his previous self as “a huge crypto skeptic“.

Anthony mentioned that he was intrigued when the Winklevoss twins originally introduced him to Bitcoin, but he claimed to have stayed out of the game due to a missing link: Institutional investors. Furthermore, he wouldn’t join until he was able to invest with at least nine figures without any concerns. Finally, regulation was important to the expert. These events occurred in October 2020, and Anthony has since become a devoted crypto investor. He went so far as to openly share the following:

“I recommend that my clients invest 3% of their portfolio in crypto […] The point is: Get something into crypto – even if it’s $100, $500, or even a couple thousand dollars. If you are comfortable with more, good.”

Most importantly, Anthony believes that “Bitcoin is just a predictor of what’s to come.” From the looks of it, the expert sees potential growth in Hypercoins, micro currencies, altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, Anthony and his team consisting of Nick Black and Tom Gentile are most interested in Hypercoins because of the following characteristics:

  • Has a passionate userbase
  • Has a unique smart contract technology
  • Has the potential to be part of the infrastructure of global commerce for the next 100 years (i.e., pipelines, roads, tunnels, etc.)

Our editorial team believes that all of this is valuable information that should be used to maximize profits. So, where can investors find more information from Anthony, Nick, and Tom? The purpose of this review is to introduce the American Institute for Crypto Investors (AICI).

What is the American Institute for Crypto Investors?

The American Institute for Crypto Investors (AICI) is an investment and trading newsletter that gives subscribers access to the most prominent cryptocurrencies and digital asset projects. Compiled by specialists in research, technology, trade, hedge funds, and crypto. This service is regarded as the best option for investors wishing to get suggestions on small and/or large crypto projects or emerging ones to keep an eye on from the sidelines. In our opinion, the availability of so many free educational resources increase the value of this service. With everything in mind, we’ll now go more deeply into the unique and ongoing incentives offered by AICI.

What does a membership to the American Institute for Crypto Investors include?

Investors who join AICI will have access to multiple reports compiled by Anthony, Nick, and Tom:

Special Report #1. The Backbone of Stock Exchanges

Members will discover more about Nick Black’s first Hypercoin project in this special report. It is said to have been founded by one of Ethereum’s co-founders. This new cryptocurrency has been created by bringing together the great minds of mathematicians and computer science specialists to eliminate hours of paperwork that typically requires beforehand. Loan approval documents, job applications, credit score verification documents, and other information are some of the processes that this cryptocurrency aims to bypass. How? By combining everything into a single transaction. In other words, one embedded code would contain almost everything.

Special Report #2. Dominant Coin for Fortune 500

The next report goes into detail on the second Hypercoin, which is a cryptocurrency backed by advanced technology. The project aims to appeal to the corporate market. Many major corporations have decided to implement blockchain technology, which Nick believes will be a real game – changer for investors as well. In terms of hints, Nick stated that the goal of this project is to connect all systems for maximum reach. Since its inception, this single cryptocurrency has completed over $165 billion in transactions. In fact, it has the potential to dominate B2B transactions in the next five years.

Special Report #3. Instant Verification Coin

Nick’s final Hypercoin, found in the third report, is related to the financial system. It is thought to have enough leverage to get different stock exchanges to conduct business with one another. To name a few, this includes global bond markets and the foreign exchange market. At the time of writing, Nick stated that Goldman Sachs and Citibank are in discussions about collaborating on this project, and that 17 countries already have digital currency projects in the works.

Special Report #4. The Three Microcurrencies to Buy for 10X Profits in Just Six Months

Finally, Tom’s knowledge will be incorporated into the fourth special report. He specifically created a proprietary trading system for cryptocurrencies that monitors two types of patterns. The first, known as “Long-Term Currency Wave,” is intended to smooth out prices over a long-time frame, whereas the second, known as “Short-Term Currency Wave,” is intended to smooth out prices over a short time frame.

This system has since received a lot of praise because the buy opportunity emerges when these waves collide. As a result, he asserts to have unearthed three microcurrencies that are worthwhile to invest in. The first, for example, sells Metaverse plots, the second a DeFi (short for decentralized finance) coin, and the last one the expert recommends is his favorite “repeat moneymaker.”

Other benefits to which members will be entitled automatically include:

  • 12 monthly comprehensive analyses on cryptocurrencies released on the first Monday of every month
  • Weekly progress reports with an in-depth analysis on new developments
  • 24/7 proprietary access to the 100X Portfolio Tracker to monitor the overall performance
  • Real-time profit alerts sent through text notification
  • Complete step-by-step instructions on setting an account for purchasing cryptos
  • The Crypto A to Z Primer Kit that covers the basics of cryptos
  • The Crypto Trading Fast Tracker video that provides over-the-shoulder guidance on trading
  • Access to a comprehensive crypto training library with nine videos and six manuals
  • Access to The Institute’s Daily report that expounds on the crypto market’s most critical news
  • Access to the AICI proprietary CryptoStar Rating system that tracks and grades cryptocurrencies
  • Access to a community-focused platform called Crypto Investors Hub

90-day money-back guarantee

How much does the American Institute for Crypto Investors membership cost?

The price is defined by the AICI subscription chosen. Here’s a rundown of what investors can anticipate:

Gold Level ($79)

Includes a one-year access to AICI membership

Platinum Level ($99)

Includes a two-year access to AICI membership

  • Special Report #1. 100X Hypercoin Portfolio
  • Special Report #2. The Three Microcurrencies to Buy for 10X Profits in Just Six Months

Diamond Level ($199)

Includes a two-year access to AICI membership

  • Special Report #1. 100X Hypercoin Portfolio
  • Special Report #2. The Three Microcurrencies to Buy for 10X Profits in Just Six Months
  • Special Report #3. Making Cash While You Sleep: Collecting Cash with Crypto Dividends
  • Special Report #4. How to Turn $25 into $25,000 with NFTs
  • Special Report #5. Trading Secrets of a Cryptocurrency Millionaire
  • Crypto A to Z Primer Kit
  • Crypto Trading Fast Tracker
  • Full AICI Crypto Training Library

The Institute’s Daily

In terms of the money-back guarantee and the eligibility requirements, investors are requested to contact customer support at:

  • Phone: 1 (888) 384 8339 (locally) or 1 (443) 353 4519 (internationally)
  • Email: Submit a form
  • Mailing Address: Money Map Press, 1125 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, 21201 USA

Meet the AICI Team

We previously introduced three investors who are in some way responsible for AICI. The following offers a brief description of each investor, which may help everyone recognize the value they will bring to the table:

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony is a successful businessman and a visionary. His accomplishments include founding SkyBridge Capital, serving as co-managing partner, launching the $310 million Skybridge Bitcoin Fund, and most recently launching FLATTER, an online marketplace for high-end NFT artwork and collectibles. Furthermore, Anthony co-founded Oscar Capital Management before starting these businesses, and Neuberger Berman ultimately purchased the company. As for his start, he began his career at the renowned Goldman Sachs & Co. as the vice president of Private Wealth Management. It’s amazing to think that a once-upon-a-time paper boy turned CNBC Contributor has come this far with no intention of stopping.

Nick Black

Nick Black is a gold investor with decades of experience in the industry. He, like Anthony and many others, initially underestimated the potential of cryptocurrency. He did, however, sell some of his gold bullions to see what the hype was about cryptocurrencies. An initial $8,000 investment quickly grew to $1 million, and that was all it took for the expert to convert. He then began researching their worth and mastering specific tactics. Today, he’s sharing the knowledge he’s gained, demonstrating current and emerging coins, and educating everyone on essential tools.

Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is a seasoned trader who has been trading cryptocurrencies since 2010. In fact, he was testing crypto mining at the same time. Aside from crypto mining, Tom is an expert in microcurrencies, which are small coins worth a few cents or dollars. These are projects that only some people are aware of, and they can range from real estate to technology, energy, biotech, healthcare, and financial services. Tom’s achievements include being named “America’s #1 Pattern Trader,” founding one of the largest financial technology companies, Optionetics, and teaching people how to trade.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the American Institute for Crypto Investors (AICI) is a newsletter that tries to inform readers about Hypercoins, which have the potential to create billionaires in the next few years. The advice provided through AICI will be heavily influenced by Anthony, Nick, and Tom’s knowledge. The additional set of eyes is valuable in our editorial team’s opinion because it not only represents distinctive experiences but also various lines of inquiry worth pursuing. How could anyone ignore the vast array of resources that this team has to offer? Individuals have the option of accessing as little or as much information as they’d want, depending on the membership they chose at the time of purchase. The latter is also financially inclusive, which makes AICI more attractive and accessible. To get started with the American Institute for Crypto Investors, click here! >>>